Eating Habits And Disorders

Written by James Harison

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1. Eating without hunger 2. Embracement of weight 3. Engaged in continual diet

Symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa:

1. Fear of becoming fat/obese 2. Social withdrawal, perfectionism. 3. Loss of menstrual cycle 4. Body weight below normal weight

Tips for Healthy Eating:

1. Donít skip meal: Plan your daily meal and snacks. For healthy eating habit, we should have 3 meals and 2 snacks every day.

2. Learn simple way to prepare food: Try to learn various simple way of preparing food for yourself. Try dried herbs (basil, parsley) and spices (chili powder, lemon pepper) instead of adding topping link butter and gravy.

3. Avoid eating more sugar: Sugar drinks contain more energy inrepparttar form of calories and these drinks do not have other vitamins and protein which body needs. So avoid such type of drinks.

4. Pay attention to your eating while having meal: Listen to our body while you are having meal. Stop when you feel satiated. This will help your body to balancerepparttar 139982 energy.

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Laser Eye Surgery: To Opt or Not to Opt...

Written by Mike Spencer

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suffering from Herpes Simplex

currently taking medication that may interfere withrepparttar body's ability to heal

suffering from severe allergies or diseases

or have a corneal infection or scarring.

Also listed among those who are not considered for laser eye surgery are those who have had previous eye surgery, those who have inflammation ofrepparttar 139827 eye or eyelids accompanied by crusting ofrepparttar 139828 eyelashes, suffer from unstable refractive problems, currently take medication that causes them to suffer ocular side effects, those with Keratonconus, glaucoma or high blood pressure inrepparttar 139829 eye region, corneal injury, and those who are taking sumatriptan for migraine relief.

Some ofrepparttar 139830 risks

Amongrepparttar 139831 more specific risks that are associated with laser eye surgery are:

lost vision

reduced low-light vision



increased need for reading glasses and severe dry-eye syndrome.

It's best to discuss these risks with your physician before committing yourself to having this procedure performed, since there will be no way to reclaim diminished or lost sight when it comes about asrepparttar 139832 result of laser eye surgery.

One other consideration that you'll have to pay careful attention to isrepparttar 139833 reputation and success rate ofrepparttar 139834 doctor who will be performingrepparttar 139835 surgery. He or she should be licensed inrepparttar 139836 area of laser eye surgery and care, and be able to offer an impressive success rate.

If possible, check with other people who may have undergone this procedure with that particular doctor before making that final decision, in order to get their impression of bothrepparttar 139837 treatment andrepparttar 139838 doctor, as well as an accounting of their experiences after opting to have laser eye surgery.

Mike Spencer reviews reviews leading, and sometimes controversial, approaches to improving and protecting our health. Here he looks at the pros and cons of LASIK eye surgery and whether it can offer any real benefits to improved vision. For more related articlessee here:

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