Easy Ways to Make Your Website and Advertising Sell

Written by Keegan Michaels

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2. Include sub points in order of importance: Keeprepparttar sub points simple and only cover a few ofrepparttar 125084 most important ideas. For ads,repparttar 125085 sub points should be very brief, but for websites there is room to be more prolific. If there are many points that need to be made onrepparttar 125086 website, include them, so long as they are imperative to what you are trying to communicate.

3. Don't over-design: Also like a great work of art, good design includes onlyrepparttar 125087 things that need to be there. I'm sure you've been to sites that are so packed with content, graphics, and pictures all laid out on a gaudy background, that your eyes can't stay focused on one thing.

Remember, good details add torepparttar 125088 overall effect, they never detract from it. If you have so much going on in your site or ad that people don't know where to look first, they will stop looking, period.

A good design should helprepparttar 125089 viewer to focus and understand what you are trying to communicate. If you keep your designs simple and follow a few basic rules, your viewer will have no problem understanding what is going on in your site or ad. Good design for websites and ads are like great works of art in many ways; however, they are unlike great works of art in that you don't want people to be confused by them.

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"Use Tell-A-Friend To Increase Online Sales"

Written by Polly Hummingbird

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Even if you decide not to be as elaborate as using a special button and form, you can always place a note on your website that says something like "Tell A Friend About This Site". You can put this in another color to make it stand out more.

Tell-a-friend is free. Once you have your system in place there is nothing else to do.

When visitors begin to tell their friends and contacts about your website, and those friends tell their friends, and so on,repparttar traffic to your website will increase tremendously overrepparttar 125083 months to come. All fromrepparttar 125084 little tell-a-friend button on your site!


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