Easy Way to Troubleshoot Pump Problems

Written by Thomas Yoon

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1. No Flow, No Pressure - No water delivered at all 2. Low Flow and Low Pressure - Pump does not deliver sufficient water or Pump does not deliver water after some time or Insufficient pressure developed 3. Short Lifespan of Shaft Seal or Packing - Shaft seal or Gland Packing does not last long 4. Short Lifespan of Bearings, Noisy Operation - Bearings do not last long or Vibration and noisy operation or Overheating of parts or Seizure of bearings 5. Pump Trips - Pump stops by itself or Excessive power consumption

With this easy pump troubleshooter, anyone could easily pinpoint repparttar causes in a very short time. The pump troubleshooter can be downloaded for FREE at http://www.free-marine.com/diagnoppad.htm

The usefulness does not end there - any pump distributor or seller can also make use of it to sell their own product! They are able to insert their own names and Companies intorepparttar 133419 FREE software and distribute it to anyone they wish as goodwill.

Attention Pump Professionals! Free Pump Troubleshooter available for download. Very easy to use. Just answerrepparttar 133420 logical questions by selecting either Yes or No, and you will be able to pinpoint your pump faults quickly. No experience necessary. Ideal for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. Saves valuable time. Pump Troubleshooter

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Google Wants a Place on Your Desktop

Written by John Calder

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Perhaps an even more curious omission is that this software can't index PDF documents. Google can do this online, and it's not like PDF documents are rare. Maybe they're saving it for a future release.

For now, if you're still ridingrepparttar Microsoft train allrepparttar 133418 way on your PC, and plan to stay that way, Google Desktop Search is probably worth checking out, as it probably closely mirrors Microsoft's planned capabilities. Otherwise, you may want to hold off to see how this tool evolves.

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