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Written by Polly Hummingbird

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Your press release is transformed into articles or announcements in various media. This begins a steady stream of traffic to your resource site.

Step 4 - Visitors Become Familiar With Your Site

Asrepparttar weeks go by visitors will become familiar with your site and will enjoyrepparttar 127280 benefits your resource offers them.

As they become more comfortable they will begin to explore other areas of your resource site. This is where your ads come it. They will click these links or banners to find out about your products or services.

Step 5 - Visitors Become Customers

If your product or service is marketable you will begin to make online sales fromrepparttar 127281 volume of visitors to your resource site.

Notice how all these steps work towards getting online sales. It is rarely ever a one or two-step process.

When you begin to have a greater understanding ofrepparttar 127282 "process" of getting online sales, then you will be able to develop your own processes.


Now, as an exercise, write down one process that leads to an online sale in your e-business. Write it down exactly likerepparttar 127283 example above.

Study it carefully. Can you improve this process? Can you make it more intriguing? How about developing it further.

Now, as a second exercise, create a NEW process for making an online sale in your e-business, usingrepparttar 127284 resources that are available onrepparttar 127285 Internet, as well as your imagination.

What do you think? Will it work? Would you like to give it a try?

Repeat these exercises until you have a collection of online sales processes.


Once you get good at developing a process for making an online sale, you will begin to make real steps towards a successful e-business.


If you have a successful online sale process that you would like to share with me, send an outline to: mailto:steps@humming.biz.gq.nu

If I get a significant response I will write a follow-up article on these suggestions and share them with others.

M.P. Hummingbird: Author. Researcher. Designer. Visit website: http://humming.biz.gq.nu/home.html Ebooks. Articles. Freebees. Email Polly at: mailto:polly@humming.biz.gq.nu


Written by Heather Reimer

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At this point, she offered me an extended payment plan. I don't have to payrepparttar fee all in one chunk, it can be spread over time. Hmmm, maybe I could handle that.

But it was her closing that convinced me I was dealing with a real pro:

"Whatever you decide, I wish you well. And whether you decide to have our company build your site or not, you can always feel free to ask any questions. That's what we're here for."

So she recognizes that our business relationship may never be consummated but she's there for me anyway. Like a flash-in-the-pan romance that evolves into a nice, comfy friendship, she's keepingrepparttar 127279 door open to future possibilities.

If I ever do hire a designer, her company will come first to mind because of her masterful last ditch sales pitch disguised as friendly advice.


When facing a client's hesitation or outright rejection, try Jamie's approach:

-Don't take no as a final answer. Send one more letter or phone them to alleviate any concerns that may be holding them back. Answer every possible objection they may have with a sound argument.

-Reiteraterepparttar 127280 benefits they will enjoy from your product/service. Offer proof to back up your claims.

-Outline your money-back guarantee.

-Mention alternatives to your product but be sure to explain why they are inferior.

-Make it as easy as possible for them to purchase.

-Leaverepparttar 127281 door open to future dealings by being warm, friendly and helpful. But don't overdo it... one last ditch pitch is enough.

If you're pressed for time or feel you just don't have repparttar 127282 persuasive writing skills needed, hire a professional writer to prepare your sales letters - first ditch to last ditch! It's a wise investment because one sales letter can be adapted and personalized for many different uses over time. And it can help you retrieve prospects you thought you had lost!

Suspect your e-content is not working hard enough for you? Heather Reimer writes action-inspiring web content, newsletters, sales letters, news releases, ads and articles. Get a FREE content analysis report when you request an estimate. mailto:heatherreimer@codetel.net.do

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