Easy Goal Setting

Written by Theresa Frasch

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I often use my Weekly Prioritizing worksheet. You can too. Write down your top three priorities forrepparttar week. Next, list three actions you need to take this week to honor these priorities. The next step isrepparttar 131452 most important—listrepparttar 131453 possible distractions you will encounter and how you will eliminate them.

For instance, if one of my priorities were to get my first book published, I would write “book” as one of my priorities. I would then list, “write chapter four before work on Tuesday.” Now, what could distract me? It could be raining Tuesday morning and then I would have to take my son to school. How will I eliminate those distractions? I could ask my husband if he will be available for school transportation or set it up with a neighbor. I could also set aside some time Tuesday night just in case.

By looking ahead and preventing possible distractions before they occur, or by having a secondary plan just in case “plan a” doesn’t work, I will get those things done one way or another.

The LIST Step

Make lists as you go. List what you want. List how to get there. Listrepparttar 131454 obstacles that might get in your way. List how to overcome them. List your action steps. By writing things down, you form a commitment to get them done. And finally, The SUCCESS Step

Enjoy your success each time you accomplish part or all of a goal. Each small success will boost your confidence and give yourepparttar 131455 motivation to go on and finish something else.


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Written by Sheri Bardo

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The true self however is not ordinary, it is extraordinary. It is what we were created to be. It is love, creativity and one withrepparttar creator able to do great and marvelous things when set free fromrepparttar 131450 ego. The ego avoids truth about itself in its desire not be humbled. The ego is fear based and self protective. The true self does not need to protect itself because it knows it is perfect just as it is. The true self strives to berepparttar 131451 best it can be, always learning, practicing, persevering, The desire ofrepparttar 131452 true self is to be true to itself. The true self longs for communion with God. To dorepparttar 131453 best that it can, to becomerepparttar 131454 best it can be forrepparttar 131455 sake of knowing a job well done, forrepparttar 131456 joy of knowing it did its best. Forrepparttar 131457 gain of constant improvement. The true self does not need to set itself against others for it knows that being authentically itself isrepparttar 131458 highest form of accomplishment. The true self exists for something higher, something more lasting.: The inner knowledge of living true to itself and peace of having donerepparttar 131459 best it could do. The knowledge of knowing it has served man kind well by being true to itself and makingrepparttar 131460 world a better place.

The true self is here to learn, to feel, to experience, to grow.

"We need to balancerepparttar 131461 need to do (ego) withrepparttar 131462 need to be (Spirit). Inrepparttar 131463 balance, soul exists. The key to living and creating soul is to have both Spirit and our human nature equally present in our consciousness." -- Andrew Schneider

I am a Life Coach. I have a background in business, sales, public relations, and spiritual counseling. I own and operate Authentically You Retreats and Life Coaching . My Life Purpose is to live a life of Authenticity, Spiritual Truth, Abundance, Creativity and Celebration of all life's possibilities. I believe there is greatness in each individual and my joy is to take others on the adventure of finding their own greatness.

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