Easter Lilies, and the Number One Gardening Question Right Now

Written by Doug Green

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The original foliage may die back immediately after planting. If this happens, cutrepparttar foliage right back torepparttar 113311 bulb and then backfillrepparttar 113312 hole. Do not be surprised to see a new set of leaves emerge fromrepparttar 113313 hole. Water thoroughly after backfilling. The key to success with growing Easter lilies is to giverepparttar 113314 tops full sun but to shaderepparttar 113315 roots. Hot tops and cold feet would describe this growing condition. Also, excellent drainage is essential for bulb success. Poor drainage or clay soils will rotrepparttar 113316 bulb over winter because of excessive moisture. Rememberrepparttar 113317 normal time forrepparttar 113318 lily to bloom is mid-summer. The first planting year you may see a bloom in mid-summer butrepparttar 113319 likelihood is thatrepparttar 113320 bulb will wait for next year to bloom again. Your job is to growrepparttar 113321 bulb. Do not cut off leaves until they are well faded and quite yellow. Do not pin them up so other plants can grow next torepparttar 113322 lily. You want those leaves to stretch out and absorb as much sunlight as possible because they are feedingrepparttar 113323 bulb and making next year's flower bud. And next year's Easter lily bulb is what you're looking for, andrepparttar 113324 one after that, andrepparttar 113325 one after that too. If you're looking for other bulb information, check out this website.

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How to Use Color in Your Perennial Garden

Written by Jeff Pozniak

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The very same can be true for a garden space. An organized, mass planting of white Tulip bulbs can provide a space in your yard to give you clarity of thought or purpose. Add some yellows and earthy tones to blend a nurturing feeling into that planting. It’ll give yourepparttar same feeling as you get with an early morning cup of coffee, watchingrepparttar 113310 sun rise to greet a new day; full of warmth, potential and purpose.

You’ve heard ofrepparttar 113311 power tie orrepparttar 113312 power dress, right? Take that flame red color torepparttar 113313 blooms in your yard and you may be filled with those same feelings of power and confidence. Are you morerepparttar 113314 strong, silent type? Blues and violets can lend a feeling of inner strength and serenity.

I believerepparttar 113315 first decision you should make when planning your color scheme for your yard is to decide how you want to feel when you’re taking inrepparttar 113316 beauty of that space. Once you have a sense for that, I recommend finding a book or two to help you make your selections. ‘Feng Shui in 10 Simple Lessons’ by Janet Butler-Briggs, is a wonderful beginning to learning that approach to using color. ‘Color Harmony’ by Bride M. Whelan, shows you hundreds of different color combinations with real-life examples of their use, to help you createrepparttar 113317 perfect space, indoors or out.

Jeff Pozniak is the administrator for the Ground Trades Xchange, a landscaping industry website. He is also a landscape contractor with nearly 20 years experience.

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