East Meet West at Blakes Amsterdam

Written by Carolyn Proctor

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Hempel has individually designed 41 guestrooms and suites to combine modern architectural elements in Zen harmony. Rich fabrics and color themes reflect touches ofrepparttar Orient. As we enter our room, we are greeted byrepparttar 138626 faint smell of an exotic spice and classical Vivaldi music. Two fresh apples perch on a crisply folded linen napkin; hidden insiderepparttar 138627 napkin are a Sheffield knife and fork. Cupboards, TV, and closets are concealed behind bamboo wall panels. There seem to be pillows everywhere. Oriental-shuttered windows overlook a pretty courtyard below. The room has a cozy quietness about it that makes you instantly forgetrepparttar 138628 bustling, narrow streets ofrepparttar 138629 city.

The bathroom reflects a delightfully modern Asian influence. When you turn onrepparttar 138630 water, it pours out of a long horizontal slit inrepparttar 138631 square black marble sink, creatingrepparttar 138632 illusion of a mini zen waterfall. Towels are large and fluffy, in colors of pomegranate and charcoal, and there are two bathrobes. Taking pride on exceptional personal service,repparttar 138633 staff at Blakes Amsterdam includes bottled water at bedside as part of its evening turn-down service.

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Things to Make Your Gap Year in Africa Easy!

Written by Gregory Hudson

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I've never done anything quite like conducting a census for monkeys. Counting hundreds of colobus, sykes, vervet monkeys and baboons is an oddly rewarding experience.

What else did I do on my gap year onrepparttar South Coast of Kenya:

Repair and installing Colobridges, monkey-crossing bridges over Diani Beach road Remove vegetation from power lines to stop monkeys from being electrocuted Work alongsiderepparttar 138625 school children doing studies on medicinal plants used byrepparttar 138626 community

Binoculars: Eyes inrepparttar 138627 Field

Forrepparttar 138628 Shamwari Game Reserve, Binoculars were undoubtedlyrepparttar 138629 most useful piece of equipment I had. You’ll understand why they are often called field eyes when you get to Shamwari.

They are especially useful forrepparttar 138630 mammal monitoring and tracking program that requires diligent scanning of at least 20,000 hectares of African bush. You also need them while taking game counts and conductingrepparttar 138631 anti poaching patrols. This makes you feel like you're really playing your part in things.

These missions inrepparttar 138632 name of nature are incidentally carried out fromrepparttar 138633 back of land rovers;repparttar 138634 genuine experience!

We spotted so many varieties of amazing animals; I don't even know where to begin. While stacking up thorn trees aroundrepparttar 138635 village, a technique used to keep predators out and livestock in, we were surprised byrepparttar 138636 sighting of a cheetah, a perfect time to zoom in with those binoculars.

My gap year voluntary work on Shamwari also coveredrepparttar 138637 following: Assisting with game darting Alien vegetation control and identification Camp outs inrepparttar 138638 bush Feeding of predators at The Born Free animal rescue sanctuary

A Trusty Pair of Hiking Boots

If you're walking through 54 000 hectares of mountains, plains, indigenous fauna and flora andrepparttar 138639 incredible rock formations ofrepparttar 138640 Warmwaterberg Mountains, I recommend getting good boots.

Most ofrepparttar 138641 animal research projects atrepparttar 138642 Sanbona Wildlife Reserve involved tracking. This meant covering a lot of rocky terrain in order to complete our objectives of game counts, monitoring and transect analysis. Camps outs inrepparttar 138643 bush and nocturnal game monitoring turned out to be extremely adventurous.

Generally, it was more of a team thing. I felt connected and part of something that, beyond just talking about it, really was doing something to help conservation efforts inrepparttar 138644 real world.

These are only a few examples ofrepparttar 138645 hands-on experience we had: Plant studies and identification Animal habituation Bird monitoring - bird counts onrepparttar 138646 dam includingrepparttar 138647 raptor family Medicinal use of plants and vegetation biomes

Worldwide Experience provides conservation volunteers & gap year in Africa opportunities on some of Southern Africa's premier private game reserves. This gives volunteers from around the world a chance to work closely with animals and to help forward the South African National Park's conservation objectives.

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