Easing Coughs Naturally

Written by Cathy O

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Here’s a tried-and-true hard candy recipe, straight fromrepparttar pages of Cooking for American Homemakers. I have used this gem for many years for lollypop making and it is first rate for makingrepparttar 148239 “medium:”

1 cup sugar 1/3 cup light corn syrup 2/3 cup water (herbal tea) vegetable coloring (optional)

Mix sugar, herbal tea and corn syrup and cook over low heat stirring until sugar is dissolved and mixture boils. Continue boiling without stirring until a small amount is very brittle when dropped into cold water. Wash away crystals from side of pan with a damp cloth. Cook slowly at end so thatrepparttar 148240 syrup will not discolor. Remove fromrepparttar 148241 heat and add color. Either drop quickly fromrepparttar 148242 tip of a spoon onto a greased surface or into prepared hard candy molds. Allow to harden and cool completely before removing. You can roll them in powdered sugar and wrap in plastic wrap or waxed paper for storage.

For gift giving, why not add a personal touch by pressing some ofrepparttar 148243 fresh herbs between waxed paper and use to decorate or wrap your gift box. Add a nice tag listingrepparttar 148244 herbs that you used for a professional look.

Cathy O is a successful author who provides recipes for and information on candy and lollipops. "In addition to being a freelance writer, I also dabble in Aromatherapy, Herbalism and painting when I am so inspired. Living in the Lake region of Western Maine has been of tremendous inspiration to me and I am proud and happy to call it home."

Mr. Coffee Versus Bunn-o-Matic - The Coffee Maker Battle Heats Up

Written by Jon Butt

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Timer If having your coffee pre-made for you when you wake up is important, then a timer is going to be key! Timers allow you to setrepparttar time when your coffee maker will start doing its thing and brewing you up your beloved coffee.

Space If you have unlimited counter space, then this criterion might not matter much to you. But, for those of you for whom counter space is at a premium, deciding upon a model that fits your space as well as your décor might be an important consideration.

But, to truly separaterepparttar 148175 two competitors, our judges will also be looking closely atrepparttar 148176 following four areas:

Ease of Use This is self-explanatory - at 6 a.m., you want a machine that is easy to use!

Durability As you know, coffee makers aren'trepparttar 148177 most pampered of home appliances. They can get pretty banged up with daily use. Choosing a hardy model is essential.

Ease of Cleaning Starting with a well-maintained and cleaned pot is one ofrepparttar 148178 best ways to assure yourself of a great cup of coffee day after day.

Style Yes, inrepparttar 148179 end, many of us like our coffee makers to look cool. Sure, while it's true that they are simply functional machines, we want these machines to represent our love for coffee.

The fight is on betweenrepparttar 148180 top coffee makers inrepparttar 148181 world. So, who winsrepparttar 148182 home coffee maker battle? Bunn-o-Matic definitely has significantly higher priced models and less of a home-based selection, but is known for superior performance and durability. Mr. Coffee has a wider range of home models to choose from and most of their machines are significantly less expensive than evenrepparttar 148183 lowest priced Bunn-o-Matic.

Inrepparttar 148184 end, it's a personal choice for you to decide. Remember, a great cup of coffee ends up being more than your coffee maker. Quality water, beans, andrepparttar 148185 proper grind for your machine all make a big difference in whether your coffee maker and first cup of coffee are winners. Good luck!

Jon Butt is the host of The Coffee Guide, an innovative website dedicated to all things coffee. From beans to gourmet, espresso machines to coffee makers, or just great tasting coffee

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