Earrings Through Time

Written by Sher Matsen

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Duringrepparttar early 1800, jewelers began to mount gemstones, on an open back claw setting. This allowedrepparttar 136890 light to pass throughrepparttar 136891 gems enhancing their color and brilliance. Byrepparttar 136892 1850s, earrings had once again disappeared fromrepparttar 136893 fashion scene. This was once again a result of changing hairstyles. The new styles that involved wearingrepparttar 136894 hair gathered in a knot atrepparttar 136895 back resulted inrepparttar 136896 ears being totally hidden. As well bonnets had arrived onrepparttar 136897 scene which also made wearing earrings rather difficult. Duringrepparttar 136898 early 20th century screw backs were invented which meant women no longer had to pierce their ears. These became very popular. Some circles even began to believe piercing ones ears was rather barbaric. After WWI shorter hairdos became very popular. Earrings were perfect for fillingrepparttar 136899 space from short hair to shoulder and once again became a popular fashion statement. Duringrepparttar 136900 1920s art deco styles took hold, recognized by their straight or angled designs. Very long chandelier earrings were also quite popular during this time. Duringrepparttar 136901 1930srepparttar 136902 clip on was invented. Because clip ons heldrepparttar 136903 earring more snuggly than screw backs they becamerepparttar 136904 number one choice for many years to come. Pierced ears faded intorepparttar 136905 background. Duringrepparttar 136906 1950s earrings were light and aerodynamic. Byrepparttar 136907 1960s earrings had become fun and innovative. Texture and color was very important. Prior torepparttar 136908 1960s earrings were dedicated to either evening wear or day wear withrepparttar 136909 evening wear earrings being more elegant. Duringrepparttar 136910 1960s this all changed whenrepparttar 136911 distinction between what was acceptable for evening or day faded away. Byrepparttar 136912 1970s we had entered an “everything goes” style to earrings and pierced ears had made a comeback. Women were buying earrings in large quantities for every occasion. . Today it’s difficult to find someone who doesn’t have pierced ears. Today men are as interested in earrings as women. Men often prefer studs or small hoops, they may wear one earring, two or more depending onrepparttar 136913 individual’s tastes. Children now get their ears pierced often at a very young age, even sometimes as babies. Women may have anywhere from one set of holes to piercings right uprepparttar 136914 ear. The fashion of earrings has come a long way overrepparttar 136915 years and its here to stay! Whatever your style, there is certain to be a pair of earrings out there for you. Be sure to make your fashion statement!

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Hurried Woman Syndrome - 5 Tips To Get The Balance Back

Written by Claire Chapman

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Here are 5 top tips to help you putrepparttar hurry behind you and get that much needed perspective back in your life.

1. Understand where you are now. Create self-awareness of what is important to you and your life, to help you see if your hurrying is achieving what you want it to. A great way to do this is to take a blank piece of A4 or larger paper, and draw a circle on it that you divide into 8. Name each part ofrepparttar 136840 circle with an area of your life that is important for you, for instance health, wealth, fitness, family, friends, career, spirituality, relationship/ partner, fun, relaxation – whatever best reflectsrepparttar 136841 different spheres of your life. Think about each area of your life

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