Earphone2Earphone: Dream Come True

Written by Susan James

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So I'm just happily pecking away, sitting here with my earphones on. I loverepparttar flow of music through my mind with earphones.

THEN......it happened.

One day I get a phone call from a radio station in my most favorite city. It's only an hour away. They want me to come and do an *in-studio* interview for a whole HOUR ! Like inrepparttar 123946 STUDIO ! AND for a whole HOUR !

This was like Chocolate Magic at Christmas ! So I go over there onrepparttar 123947 appointed day, and byrepparttar 123948 way they have already scheduled me for a 2nd in-studio interview. I am there......inrepparttar 123949 booth withrepparttar 123950 host ofrepparttar 123951 show, andrepparttar 123952 producer.

And Guess who has earphones on ? Me!

As I was sitting there doing my thing, this little thought came into my mind, that looky see hererepparttar 123953 correlation between my intention set, my active participation in pretending I was already living what I wanted, and here I was.......earphones and all ......inside a real radio station booth !

This was in incredible Manifesting Moment for me, and is also how I create every other part of my life.

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Will Your Life Mysteriously Change For The Better?

Written by Noel Peebles

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If you feel that your family, friends, or workplace are pulling you down, haverepparttar courage to be positive. It’s always easier to seerepparttar 123945 worst in a situation, rather than looking forrepparttar 123946 ‘silver lining’.

From this moment on, begin to seerepparttar 123947 positive forces in your life. Use that positive energy to retrain your brain into a dynamic force. You’ll not only begin to see yourself differently, but other people will begin to see you, and treat you, differently.

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