Earning From Your Website

Written by Helen Peshkova

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4. Is your information easily accessible? Do not put up roadblocks! Make information available with as few "clicks" as possible. Always make contact information readily available. Don't put up "under construction" pages -- this frustrates users, who may not return to your site.

5. Is your content style appropriate to your audience? Unless your users are expecting to find a text-heavy page, keep your copy simple and short. If it isn't immediately obvious whatrepparttar purpose ofrepparttar 141803 page is,repparttar 141804 user probably won't read more than one or two sentences before moving on.

6. How will you keeprepparttar 141805 content up-to-date? Who is responsible for hosting and updating website content? How often will he or she do it?

7. What isrepparttar 141806 structure of your site? It is very helpful to sketch out a "site map" of your content in order to organize it effectively. Site maps help determine navigation across your site as well asrepparttar 141807 "breadcrumb" element on your pages. It may be helpful to create a map of your content as it exists on your current site, and another for how you envisionrepparttar 141808 organization of your new site.

Written by Helen Peshkova, RichTrack.com.

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Online Promotion with Google Sitemaps

Written by Thorsten Görke

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