Earn $5,000 per Month in Residual Income from Market Intelligence Reports

Written by Jennie S. Bev

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First, understand what an industry report really is: who reads it, howrepparttar information is arranged, how it is formatted and howrepparttar 129319 validity of information is tested.

Second, understand what you need to do: who to contact for reliable insider industry information, how to locate them (online and off), how to search for responsible secondary data and how to design and collect primary data.

Third, write a sample report to send out to research firms. This requires specific information that shows your research capability.

Fourth, polish your research skills: no expensive trainings are required. Some free trainings are available online.

Fifth, know where to look for research firms that hire freelancers. This information is also available online.

Sixth, compile your first market intelligence sample comprising a brief well-designed sample report of at least 1,000 words, a cover letter and your latest résumé. Just make sure to include allrepparttar 129320 required research-based information inrepparttar 129321 sample to impressrepparttar 129322 employer. With this sample, you wouldn't look "inexperienced" at all.

Seventh, once you landrepparttar 129323 job, there are some "tricky" contractual clauses you must be aware of. Caveat emptor. One of them isrepparttar 129324 "limited royalty period" clause. You may want to re-consider this clause after consulting with your counselor.

Eighth,repparttar 129325 most important one, make sure to completely familiarize yourself withrepparttar 129326 tools ofrepparttar 129327 trades, such as online business and statistical databases, online expert pools and online electronic library accesses, to make your job easier.

Writing industry reports is not as hard as it sounds. As long as you know what you're doing and where to look forrepparttar 129328 reliable resources, research firms need you now. After all, where else can a writer make $5,000 in residual income per month while enjoying an industry expert status (and waking up at noon again)?

Jennie S. Bev is the author of Write Industry Reports: Work at Home and Start Earning $5,000 in Royalties per Month http://www.writingcareer.com/bev001.shtml and the highly praised 2003 EPPIE Award Nominee FabJob.com Guide to Become a Management Consultant http://www.fabjob.com/managementconsultant.asp?affiliate=236 and. She is a San Francisco-based professional technical writer and instructional designer. She can be reached at WritingGigs.com.

Simple Ideas for Quality Content

Written by Grant McNamara

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How can you ensure your entire web site’s content is consistent? This takes special significance if you’re content is developed by more than one person. Being consistent is one ofrepparttar keys to making your writing exceptional.

My first suggestion for you is to use a style sheet. A style sheet is simply a list of words and phrases that you add to. You start with a big sheet of paper divided into eight boxes: ABCD, EFGH, IJKL, MNOP, QRST, UVWXYZ, Numbers, and Names.

Then every time you use a word that has more than one acceptable style you addrepparttar 129317 word torepparttar 129318 appropriate box. For example, if you decide on e-Commerce asrepparttar 129319 form (which could be equally written as eCommerce or E-Commerce) addrepparttar 129320 phrase torepparttar 129321 EFGH box on your style sheet. Then every time you go to userepparttar 129322 word you check first against your style sheet, rather than looking back through earlier web pages you have written to see how you spelt it.

Over time your style sheet will build up torepparttar 129323 point where you need a page for each box. Butrepparttar 129324 style sheet allows you to have a single, easy to refer to place where you list allrepparttar 129325 words and phrases that you need to use consistently.

The style sheet also becomes an especially valuable resource when changes need to be made to your web site.

My second suggestion is to have a few rules to follow that allow you to avoid your weaknesses. For instance I have a problem in that I waffle. When I do this my sentences can easily run and run. So one rule I have is that no sentence can be more than thirty words long. Another problem I have is that I tend to use stale, stuffy phrases instead of simple words. So another rule in my edit list is to check to ensure I use simple language.

And above allrepparttar 129326 ‘What’s in it for them?’. What I mean is I try to focus onrepparttar 129327 visitor to my web site and write language from their perspective, needs and focus.

In proofreadingrepparttar 129328 following helps:

Let it sit: Never proofread just after writing. You’re too close to your words and your ego needs time away fromrepparttar 129329 text in order to evaluate it subjectively.

Read it aloud: This gives a new perspective. As you hearrepparttar 129330 words you can better gauge sentence length and how your words will sound to someone else.

Exchange it with a colleague: Perhaps risky but a guaranteed way to improve. Give your text to someone you respect and trust. Ask for their feedback.

Read it backwards, from bottom to top: Reading backwards allows you to pick up typos, repetitions, and other mechanical errors. You will readrepparttar 129331 actual words written, not what you meant to write.

Use reference materials: Even professional writers use dictionaries, punctuation handbooks and spelling guides.

Finally, after you’ve carefully proofread your document ask:

Have I accomplished my original purpose in writing?

Did I tellrepparttar 129332 reader what I want?

I really hope this has given you some ideas to achieve quality content.

Grant McNamara has over 20 years experience in IT, and specializes in multi-lingual web site and software development and training. Visit his site for free advice and resources for the success of your web site at: http://www.translateme.co.nz or mailto:grant.mcnamara@translateme.co.nz

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