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A spell check is definitely a useful tool, but it doesn't necessarily haverepparttar human intuition to catch all errors. So, no matter how great your spell check is, remember that there is simply no substitute for a careful, human read-through.

Just like any other piece of poor writing, an email full of mistakes can do damage to your credibility, which can be devastating for anyone trying to do business onrepparttar 109685 web. Onrepparttar 109686 Internet, people have to rely on written communication, and if yours isn't effective, your business and your image will suffer.

If you don't feel you haverepparttar 109687 grammatical expertise to catch allrepparttar 109688 errors yourself, get a co-worker or friend to do it for you. Even experienced writers often need a second pair of eyes to catchrepparttar 109689 little mistakes.

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Written by Mike Banks Valentine

Continued from page 1 lets you set up your existing domain name for free web-based email for your visitors. This hasrepparttar added benefit of potential customers seeing your domain name every time a user of your free email sends email to anyone they communicate with. It also allows you to insert a line or two of promotion for your free email service and thus promote your own web site to recipients of that email.

Be aware though, that you must set aside your existing email addresses that you already use through your own site for business purposes as you set up that free email. If you forget that important step in setting up those accounts, it could be possible to lose your existing addresses to new free email sign-ups and your clients and contacts will loserepparttar 109684 ability to contact you!

The sign-up process is fairly straight forward with most of these services and you'll be up and emailing with your new promotional tool quickly.

Now you can promote within your targeted industry with your highly targeted email address. Don't hesitate to obtain a more generic or entertaining email address thanrepparttar 109685 one you use for your company or personal email. The email address you set up this way can be a secondary address for you and it's possible to set up several for different purposes. I use for posts torepparttar 109686 Motley Fool bulletin board and some finance related discussion lists but change to for posts to small business sites and signature lines at and where I discuss small business web techniques and tools for home business.

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