EMPATHY, not “Internet Traffic” – key to home based business success?

Written by Coralee LaFresnaye

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A 20-year study conducted tracked 1,500 people who set out to become wealthy. Of these people, 1245 decided to go into a line of work that they didn't particularly enjoy, (selling ebooks?) but which promised a lot of money. The other 255 did what they loved (Natural Talent?) hopingrepparttar money would follow. 100 ofrepparttar 141890 255 who did what they loved eventually became millionaires. Only 1 person inrepparttar 141891 1245 who pursuedrepparttar 141892 money became a millionaire.

EMPATHY is only one ofrepparttar 141893 thirty-four Natural Talents that have been identified byrepparttar 141894 Gallup organization. The Gallup organization, ofrepparttar 141895 Gallup Poll fame, interviewed 2 million successful people, spent millions of dollars and recordedrepparttar 141896 results for 25 years to identify these Natural 34 Talents.

Forrepparttar 141897 home based business owner that wants more information about their specific Natural Talents, Tax Moms is sponsoring a FREE 9-week Experience calledrepparttar 141898 “Be Financially Free with Ninergy –repparttar 141899 Experience. The purpose ofrepparttar 141900 Experience is to help people, which work at home, identify which ofrepparttar 141901 34 Natural Talents they possess and how to develop them.

The 9-week live webcast-conference is provided free and does not promote any book, product, franchise, service, or home based business. Atrepparttar 141902 end of 9-weeksrepparttar 141903 participants will understand how their “Natural Talents” can cause their failure or lead to their success. It is a person’s lack of understanding of their “Natural Talent,” notrepparttar 141904 product; search engines, business plan, or capitalization isrepparttar 141905 reason for business failure. It is now their choice.

Registration is limited to 500. There is no cost to participate in any part ofrepparttar 141906 Experience. The first part ofrepparttar 141907 Experience arrives on July 4, 2005, Your Financial Independence Day. Register at http://ninergyexperience.com

The Natural Talents as defined in this article are fromrepparttar 141908 book “Now, Discover your Strengths” by Marcus Buckingham & Donald O. Clifton, Ph D. Tax Moms is not affiliated withrepparttar 141909 Gallup organization orrepparttar 141910 StrengthsFinder® group, nor certified by them.

Coralee LaFresnaye is the Vice President of Tax Moms. She directs the daily operations of Tax Moms. She has been an Entrepreneur and/or Tax Professional for 34 years specializing in small businesses. http://ninergyexperience.com

Make Money Online With A Simple And Proven Formula

Written by Roderick Eash

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messages, which will cost you a few sales. Upgrading torepparttar Pro account is less than $20.00/month. Whatever you do don't checkrepparttar 141876 box for confirmed web subscriptions. If you do they will make you import all your leads by hand, unless you buy from them of course. At least thats what happened to me. Write yourself a simple newsletter. Something you know something about. Something related to your business. Something you can stretch out over several installments. Then start looking for ezines that will let you submit it for free. Place a small ad, offering your newsletter for free, and have people subscribe by sending a blank email to your autoresponder. Or, you can pay somebody like List Opt, or World Wide list or The Lead factory to generate them a lot faster for you. Just make sure you specify double opt-in. Single opt-in are much cheaper inrepparttar 141877 short run, but byrepparttar 141878 time your autoresponder confirms them to double opt-it, I'll bet you lose at least eighty percent. So if you buy double opt-in your list will build much faster. Just don't buy a list though. Make sure they are subscribing through your advertisement. There through your newsletter you can advertise your related product. Simple!

Aboutrepparttar 141879 Author: Roderick Eash will set you up in business with your own personally designed website pulling in several streams of residual income http://www.TheEashSyndicate.com/pips.html

Roderick Eash is an online marketer working with several online companies. With the little guy in mind. The goal is to help anybody with the desire. To make the kind of money they've until now have only been able to dream about.

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