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Byrepparttar turn ofrepparttar 101037 2000 Century, e-mail advertising was skyrocketing. Once again,repparttar 101038 race forrepparttar 101039 Dollar was on. However, no one remindedrepparttar 101040 new advertisers of America's past dealings withrepparttar 101041 advertising arena; no one told these "new centurions" aboutrepparttar 101042 Oglivy survey, norrepparttar 101043 Age of Skepticism. No one has mentioned to themrepparttar 101044 "believability" surveys ofrepparttar 101045 late '90's. No one, in fact, toldrepparttar 101046 new advertisers that regardless of where and how you are advertising,repparttar 101047 fundamental laws of human interaction, andrepparttar 101048 "rules of advertising," have not changed.

One trend that has emerged isrepparttar 101049 "deception" involved in getting people to actually open an e-mail. Today's advertisers have totally neglected what consumers have been tellingrepparttar 101050 ad industry for many years now. Instead, sellers have found it acceptable to use whatever deception necessary to get potential customers to read their e-mail. They userepparttar 101051 "subject line" in this regard. The emerging trend seems to be to makerepparttar 101052 e-mail "personal" and then when opened, immediately hitrepparttar 101053 consumer with a sales pitch for whatever you're selling. There's nothing personal aboutrepparttar 101054 e-mail andrepparttar 101055 sender has no interest in you at all.

For some reason, advertisers believe that a "deceptive subject line" followed by a "legitimate sales piece" will sellrepparttar 101056 resulting product/service. The tactic won't make any sales of any significance. You can't sell "half truths." Consumers won't accept them. When customers don't trust ads, they don't trustrepparttar 101057 resulting product or service.

A second emerging trend, many times connected to Trend #1 above, is making it difficult or nearly impossible to be removed from a list. By frustrating repparttar 101058 "removal process" forrepparttar 101059 consumer and diverting him/her to another site for one last shot at "selling," advertisers have mistakenly been taught they haverepparttar 101060 final upper hand. They don't. The customer always hasrepparttar 101061 upper hand. Nowrepparttar 101062 customer is convinced deception is inrepparttar 101063 wind.

Technology in advertising is a way of life today. Hitting thousands of potential customers with one e-mail, instead of addressing postcards/letters and attaching stamps, is an entrepreneur's dream. It has, onrepparttar 101064 other hand,repparttar 101065 unfortunate ability of creating dollar signs in repparttar 101066 eyes. Dollar signs that many times cloudrepparttar 101067 fact that regardless of repparttar 101068 advertising "tools" you use,repparttar 101069 underlying "rules of advertising" will always remain constant. Master advertiser Roy Williams said it best when he said, "Advertising is persuasion through an exchange of confidence. Advertising is not persuasion through trickery."

Both ofrepparttar 101070 above tactics directly conflict with what consumers, customer surveys, and history have been telling us with regard to advertising. Using them will berepparttar 101071 introductory paragraph of your business epitaph.

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Written by Val Burnett & Brenda Freeman

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Some of these marketers actually tell you these are GOOD and EFFECTIVE marketing tips. Yes, these subject lines may getrepparttar reader to open it because they believe it is from a program they might have just signed up for or they think it is indeed a commission notification. But when they find out whatrepparttar 101036 email is really about, 9 times out of 10 they will delete it. Now, is that a good marketing tip?? Do you really think that a reader will actually go to your site and sign up under you when you tricked them into opening uprepparttar 101037 email inrepparttar 101038 first place?

You do not need to use these types of tactics to get traffic to your site, there are other HONEST ways to achieve that. If you are going to promote your opportunity, do it with taste. Brenda and I try to provide our own members with a Safe, Honest and Responsive way for anyone to promote their ads. This is our "Mission". Many other safelist owners are now demonstrating this same “Mission”. We do this, because we CARE about all of our members and want to make sure their stay with us is an enjoyable one !

Always remember these words, they work inrepparttar 101039 marketing arena as well as everyday life..... HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY. If you adhere to honest marketing ethics, then you will gain respect, admiration and SIGNUPS!!

They will KNOW they can depend on YOU!

Val Burnett and Brenda Freeman are the publishers of Advertising Majic Ezine and co-owners of 6 online marketing programs. You can contact them at mailto:support@safelister.com or if you wish to subscribe to their Advertising Majic Ezine, please go to http://www.mbpsafelist.com/mbp/admajic.htm Dedication to the Online Entrepreneur

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