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Now here’srepparttar winning combination to choose an MLM •A legitimate company with over 10 years in business •High Quality products that is acceptable torepparttar 122507 masses •A business plan which is not just dependent on recruitment alone but a combination of recruitment and retails •Extensive training on business, products and self development/personal improvement and leadership •And a leader who believes in creating leaders bigger than even himself

Well. Does all this make sense to you.

IF YES THEN YOU CAN DO TWO THINGS RIGHT AWAY. And if you still believe that placing all those ads, then sitting back and doing nothing hoping for innocent gullible persons to fall into your trap and getting rich, may god help you. Even that is doubtful. Because god helpsrepparttar 122508 genuine, honest andrepparttar 122509 deserving.


For things to change you need to change. If you keep doingrepparttar 122510 same old things you will getrepparttar 122511 same old results. Success is a matter of change. Changing yourself forrepparttar 122512 better. As you keep improving yourself, you will start climbingrepparttar 122513 ladder faster and faster. MLM is for those who want to change their old paradigms. Change those old patterns which never produce any results.

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R.G. Srinivasan is professional Soft Skills Trainer, Author and a network marketing leader. He is passionate about alternate healing therapies and writes on these subjects regularly. He is a practitioner of Bach flower therapy and Ganotherapy. You can find out more about the availability of Reishi ganoderma and articles on health and wellness at http://globalhealthnetwork.tripod.com

MLM Cyanide Pills: Top 5 Sure-fire Ways to Kill Your Network Marketing Business

Written by Gobala Krishnan

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WAY 3 - "Now it's your turn"

Network marketers inrepparttar matrix-plan systems arerepparttar 122506 most likely to fall prey to this suicide move. It's common in these type of plans to hearrepparttar 122507 magic words "All you need to do is recruit three".

In reality, however, this is rarelyrepparttar 122508 case. Every network marketer in matrix, breakaway or other plans need to know that they will have to sponsor or recruit many people personally before success is within a stone's throw. Relying on others to "do their job" is a utopian idea that will not work.

WAY 4- "I'll take 2 months off"

Consistency isrepparttar 122509 key to getting great results in anything we do. Professional soccer players know that even one week off can cause a drop in their fitness levels.

When it comes to marketing your MLM opportunity, think of it as a pipeline, draining water from a well 20 feet underground. When you shut this pipeline, it soon dries up, and you'll need to start all over again fromrepparttar 122510 bottomrepparttar 122511 next time you want to take a sip.

Lack of consistency may not kill your business fast, but it's one good way of gicing it a slow death. Small, consistent advertising is much better than irregular, hit-and-run tactics.

WAY 5 - "Let me do it for you"

Jim Rohn, America's foremost business philosopher, probably said itrepparttar 122512 best:

"You can help a thousand, but you cannot carry three on your back. You have to learn to help those who deserve, not those who need"

Perhaps every network marketer, at some point, is guilty of this, especially when it comes to family members and friends who join their opportunity. I know that I am guilty of beingrepparttar 122513 delivery boy,repparttar 122514 chauffeur andrepparttar 122515 clerk in my first year in network marketing. I have, at one point of time, tried to baby-sit my team members.

All I learned is that you simply cannot drag someone acrossrepparttar 122516 finish line. If you attempt to, you will drag yourself down into frustration and failure.

It's much better spending your time looking for people who deserve success, rather than helping those who simply refuse to give it what it takes.

Here's to your success. Cheers.

Gobala Krishnan is an entrepreneur, freelance writer and network marketer with SFI Marketing Group, the largest online MLM on the internet. Sign-up for this exciting business opportunity for FREE at http://www.SFIDreamTeam.com and receive a valuable kickstart package.

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