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Eudora Tips and Tricks

Qualcomm's Eudora 4.3 is now available. If you are a 4.x user, you can getrepparttar update for FREE at:

o Did you know that you can schedule outgoing messages for later delivery. To use this feature just hold downrepparttar 109702 Shift key as you click "send" or "queue" on your outgoing message. A box will pop up asking you when you want to sendrepparttar 109703 message. This is a great feature for sending reminders to friends, family and even yourself! I use it allrepparttar 109704 time, as a matter of fact I just sent a scheduled message that will arrive a few days before my next anniversary. (Fellas; maybe you should dorepparttar 109705 same!)

o Need to move Eudora from one computer to another and save all your old mailboxes AND messages? Just saverepparttar 109706 .toc and .mbx files and copy them torepparttar 109707 same directory in your new computer. Next time you reopen Eudora, bingo, all your old messages are there!

o If you ever haverepparttar 109708 need to get your email from a remote location but won't have access to a computer with Eudora, just grab a free web email account from Eudora at before you go. You'll be able to send and receive email right throughrepparttar 109709 browser of any computer with Internet access.

Eudora keyboard Shortcuts:

o Ctrl-A selectsrepparttar 109710 entire text of a message. o F7 togglesrepparttar 109711 preview pane on and off. o Shift-space bar toggles a message betweenrepparttar 109712 read and unread status.

A few Eudora add-ons you may want to try...

o PureVoice Player-Recorder: o EasyTranslator Express: available at o Beginners interactive guide to using Eudora Light:

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Yours Truly, Anonymous

Written by Joe Reinbold

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It worries me that some people doing business online are afraid to identify themselves fully or even partially in some cases. It worries me that some people will surf up to that site and other sites like it, read it, like it, charge a considerable amount of money to their credit card and they don't know anything aboutrepparttar company.

It also bothers me that people try to market products by email without identifying themselves (other than their email address and sometimes that is false) and expect to be successful. It reminds me of when I used to do a lot of snail mailings andrepparttar 109701 response mailings would be very similar. No return address, no name and address insiderepparttar 109702 envelope other thanrepparttar 109703 promotion company's address and an ID number on a circular. I know a lot of you have gotten those! And in most cases they went right inrepparttar 109704 circular file. Well now you have a button that you can use to put them inrepparttar 109705 circular file!

The company you should want to deal with isrepparttar 109706 one that makes full disclosure of who they are, has a privacy statement that spells out what they are going to do or not do with your personal information, and provides accurate information about their products and services. You don't want to deal with someone who appears to be hiding behind a web page, they may be here today but gone tomorrow!

Do you use "Yours truly, Anonymous" as your signature file?

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