Written by Meredith Pond

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If you don't already have a newsletter going out, you need to start one. Let visitors to your site sign up simply, by providing their email address. Let them know you'll give them weekly insider tips, useful articles, and money-saving offers. And ALWAYS, ALWAYS provide, atrepparttar end of your newsletter, specific instructions for how your subscribers can remove themselves from your list. Although you don't really want people to unsubscribe, not providing these instructions can really frustrate people and damage your reputation.

If you don't think it's possible to start your own newsletter, try buying or renting a targeted list of prospects from an outside source. A simple Internet search will no-doubt help you find dozens of companies who specialize in these lists.

In short, email is an incredible marketing tool that can makerepparttar 127485 difference between success and failure... if you do it right. A well-written, well-targeted sales letter or ad can indeed do wonders for your bottom line. For tips on writing effective sales letters, see

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Is Your Customer Service Excellent?

Written by Claude Hopkins and Terry Dean

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Granted, Neiman-Marcus is an upper-end retailer and it is inconceivable for you or me to offer anything to compare with what they are doing for their loyal customers.

The point is... what are you doing to bring your customer back?

Your new customer will receive a thank-you confirmation electronically which will probably contain other URLs to your other programs or products. Correct? But what else?

Right now you haverepparttar perfect opportunity to send a very personal email to that new customer. You may be thinking "I don't have time to send out personal emails after every sale." Well, you can't afford not to. The next merchant will if you don't, and that'srepparttar 127484 merchant who will gain a loyal customer.

Offer your new customer your personal assistance and attention afterrepparttar 127485 sale. Give them all of your contact information: email, phone number and address. Also, let them know that you have a "complimentary gift" for them as a "thank-you" for their purchase. Try to avoidrepparttar 127486 word "free." This word seems to have lost it's power due to its being used in almost every ad onrepparttar 127487 Internet.

When you offer to give personal assistance to your customer, make sure you are available during certain business hours. Answer your emails as quickly as possible. An immediate response is impressive and creates trust.

"Once you have your customer's trust, you have wonrepparttar 127488 most valuable prize in business."

"Care for your customer and they will return..."

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