Written by Michelle Johnston

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The best general web sites to use (in terms ofrepparttar number of new jobs inrepparttar 125473 USA that appear on sites) are:

•http://www.Monster.com •http://www.Careerbuilder.com •http://www.Hotjobs.com •http://www.Job.com •http://www.JobWarehouse.com

If you are particularly looking out for a local job, it may be worthwhile adding one or two local websites to your ‘chosen’ list – for example, for anyone looking for jobs in Atlanta, http://www.AJCjobs.com is one site I recommend highly. To find outrepparttar 125474 most popular website in your area for local jobs, check out ads in your local newspapers or websites aimed at people in your local area. It may also be worth joining any Yahoo Groups for job seekers in your area, or searchingrepparttar 125475 Newsgroups for jobs in your local area – go to http://groups.google.com

If you are searching for a specialist job within a select industry, it may be worth making one or two of your ‘chosen’ web sites a site that specializes in that industry. Trade magazines/websites are a good way to find outrepparttar 125476 top web sites in your chosen field – or go to http://www.google.com and type inrepparttar 125477 name of your industry followed byrepparttar 125478 word ‘jobs’ or ‘careers’.

Once you have posted your resume to 4 or 5 key sites that contain a high number of jobs ofrepparttar 125479 type you are looking for,repparttar 125480 likelihood is that recruiters will find your resume themselves without you needing to contact them.

However, while you are waiting forrepparttar 125481 jobs to roll in, it does not hurt to proactively make some applications for particular jobs that you think you are ideally suited to.

Carefully think about ways to ensure that your search for “ideal jobs” is more effective by choosing different terminology that may be used inrepparttar 125482 descriptions of those jobs onrepparttar 125483 website.

Once you find your ideal job, ensure you write a cover letter to emphasiserepparttar 125484 reasons that you believe you are ideal forrepparttar 125485 role. Withinrepparttar 125486 letter ensure that you mentionrepparttar 125487 salary or rate you will be requesting and how soon you are available, as well as whether you are looking for Full time or Part time work.

This helpsrepparttar 125488 recruitment agent to determine whether or not you really are an ideal candidate and reducesrepparttar 125489 amount of time you have to spend going to interviews for roles that you really would never consider even if you were offeredrepparttar 125490 role. However be careful not to specify such criteria if you are open and flexible about such options as doing so could closerepparttar 125491 door torepparttar 125492 role unnecessarily.

Another thing you can do while you are waiting for interview offers to roll in, is to get more qualifications to make you even more attractive as a candidate!

There are a number of websites offering free or cheap training in a wide range of subjects now, and job search time is an ideal time to take advantage of them as you are highly motivated at this time, because you need to get another job, and also because you may not be working (if you have left your previous job already). Depending uponrepparttar 125493 subject you want to learn about, you can find free/cheap courses at sites such as http://www.blackboard.com, http://www.smartcertify.com and http://www.freeskills.com Once you know your subject very well, it is a good idea to get certification in that skill to prove torepparttar 125494 potential employer that you have a high level of skill/knowledge in that area. You can gain certification in a wide range of subjects – some free of charge – at http://www.Brainbench.com – which also has links to training materials (some free, others fairly reasonably priced).

The nice thing about Brainbench certification is that you are given a web address to send to potential employers at which Brainbench lists your certifications and verifies your skill level – very useful for employers who might need proof that you have those skills very quickly to decide whether or not to include you in their interview list! You can see an example of one of these Brainbench web addresses here (my Brainbench web page) http://www.brainbench.com ranscript.jsp?pid=255096

Hopefully, this article has provided you with some ideas about how to userepparttar 125495 internet to increase your chances of finding a job more quickly and effectively. If you require any further advice, on this or any other Ebusiness/web issue, please contact me at mishj@yahoo.com or via my web site http://portal.michellejohnston.com or http://www.firebirdservices.com

Michelle Johnston has 15 years IT and Ebusiness experience and has written an Ebook on Ebusiness. Michelle runs Firebird Services at http://www.firebirdservices.com and you can see samples of her work at http://portal.michellejohnston.com

Telepathy -- Mind to Mind Communication

Written by Sharon Jacobsen

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It's also believed thatrepparttar unconscious mind is capable of linking to other entities than those which are living. That we can receive messages fromrepparttar 125472 dead. People often dream of lost loved ones who frequently seem to be offering advice or warnings. Is this our own way of putting messages into our conscious mind, or are we communicating withrepparttar 125473 dead?

To test this ability between living entities, try sending a message to a close friend who you know is asleep. Did they remember their dream? Did it involve you?

Telepathy & Relationships

The more time people spend together,repparttar 125474 more likely they are to be able to link up torepparttar 125475 others mind, especially when separated. There are two reasons for this. One is that they understandrepparttar 125476 others mind through time spent together. The other is that there is usually a strong desire to communicate.

A mother will often sense that her child is in danger. This is due torepparttar 125477 child desperately wanting his/her mother, knowing that this isrepparttar 125478 person who would always want to be there for them connecting withrepparttar 125479 mother's deep desire to protect her child for harm.


We are obviously selective when using our telepathic abilities. Imagine how confusingrepparttar 125480 world would become if you were able to receive messages from any number of people simultaneously. It's bad enough when two phones ring at once! Orrepparttar 125481 kids want to tell you three different stories and you're trying to watch your favourite TV show! Perhaps this is why it is generally used in times of dire need? I certainly wouldn't want to be able to receiverepparttar 125482 thoughts of everybody who thought anything at all about me. Peeping throughrepparttar 125483 keyhole is bad enough, looking into thoughts would be awful.

Sharon grew up in East London but moved to Norway at the age of 19, returning to England in 1998. She now lives in Cheshire with her partner and two of her three children. Besides writing, she is currently studying Social Science with The Open University, runs a web site where women in the UK can meet other women for platonic friendship (www.friendsyourway.co.uk), potters in her garden, reads and generally tries to enjoy life. Sharon can be contacted at s.jacobsen@doodlebugmedia.co.uk

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