EBOOKS are books too!!!

Written by shadha kudrath ali

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An ebook is not a book you can physically hold in your hands and it can be irritating to sit in front of your computer to read an entire book while you can curl up with a traditional book anywhere but with ebook readers this make ebooks portable just asrepparttar traditional books.

You flick through pages of a traditional book but you scroll downrepparttar 108402 pages of an ebook.

You can make copies of a traditional book with a photocopier while with ebooks with just a click of a button in mere seconds you can make an entire copy of a book.

You cannot hold ebooks in your hands butrepparttar 108403 pages will never yellow no matter how long you have it nor get doggie ears no matter how much you read it. The pages will always be crisp and new asrepparttar 108404 day you bought it (unless your computer is invaded by a worm which destroys all documents on your computer).

This article was written by Shadha of www.shadha.com. Her poetry collection (THIRD WORLD COLLECTION) My Collection of Poems is available as an ebook and this is a collection of the most revolutionary, intriging and absorbing writings you'll ever read.


Written by JazzDancer_02

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