Written by Annette Thomas

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Annette is a business and marketing professional.

Overcoming Your Biggest Competitor

Written by Mark Dembo

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Even though he knows intellectually that you may have a better solution, he will do everything he can to justify his earlier decision; to do otherwise would cause great internal dissonance and discomfort.

So, then, how do you deal with this situation?

1.Recognize that your job in selling is to understand what people do – and to work with them to help them do things better.

2.Don't try to sell by showing that your product or service is better thanrepparttar competitors' (or whatever else they might be doing).

Wait – that sounds inconsistent, you say. First you say that I should help him do things better, but I shouldn't show them why my product is better?

The seeming inconsistency resolves itself when you remove yourself from trying to “sell your product” and shift your focus to understanding what people do, why they do things that way, and what they're hoping to accomplish inrepparttar 142985 future. Your questions should be squarely focused onrepparttar 142986 prospect – not on you.

The best way to bring these seeming contradictory goals into alignment is to show your prospect how you can ENHANCE what they are already doing. By showing how you can enhance, in essence what you are saying is “Hey, you've got something that's working here, and I'm not going to upset your apple cart. My goal is to help you take what you've already got, and help you make it even better.”

By takingrepparttar 142987 approach to enhance you accomplish two important things. First, you are helpingrepparttar 142988 prospect maintain their sense of consistency which will make you an ally. Second, by starting with this approach, you may make a small sale initially but you now haverepparttar 142989 door open to larger sales andrepparttar 142990 beginning of a long-term relationship.

As Cialdini sums up “Forrepparttar 142991 salesperson,repparttar 142992 strategy is to obtain a large purchase by starting with a small one. Almost any small sale will do, becauserepparttar 142993 purpose of that small transaction is not profit. It is commitment. Further purchases, even much larger ones, are expected to flow fromrepparttar 142994 commitment. "

Mark Dembo; President, Lexien Management Consultants (http://www.lexien.com) Lexien Management Consultants provides sales training, consulting, and coaching services to organizations and individuals who are motivated to grow their businesses. Each month, Lexien publishes the Sales Success Newsletter .

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