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Annette Thomas is a business marketing and management professional.

Blogging for Profit Using AdSense

Written by Chris Rivers

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The content of your site determines what ads appear, and therefore how much you will ultimately make. The placement and appearance of ads, however, can have just as great an impact on how much you make.

There are a few tips for maximizing ad revenue. First,repparttar appearance ofrepparttar 143179 add itself is important. Google clearly labels all its units as advertising, but allows you to determinerepparttar 143180 colors ofrepparttar 143181 links andrepparttar 143182 background. It is important that this matchrepparttar 143183 look of your site. The more blatant an ad is,repparttar 143184 more likely it is to turn off visitors. Just as important isrepparttar 143185 location ofrepparttar 143186 ad units. They should appear onrepparttar 143187 top half of your page, and preferably onrepparttar 143188 left side. This insuresrepparttar 143189 ad is viewed by most visitors.

Having coveredrepparttar 143190 basics, its now time for you to experiment to discover what works best for your new blog. The best part is, it costs nothing to try.

Chris Rivers is a writer for http://www.ClickForDeals.net. Visit the site to learn more about maximizing profits through affiliate and pay per click programs. Articles appear on the site exclusively one week before they are syndicated.

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