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Written by Daegan Smith

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The key to a good e-mail promotion Internet marketing strategy is good communications. Be sharp and torepparttar point in your e-mail messages. Make them exciting and compelling. Remember your message may be given only a second or two to make a positive impression sorepparttar 137220 reader will look more. Otherwise, it will probably be deleted as junk mail. Also, donít try to cover everything in one e-mail message. Use two or three to raise interest in your offering. By using interesting copy in your e-mail promotions, you can achieve a significant increase in business.

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You DO Have an Email List Don't You

Written by Robin Henry

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This is only one of many examples. Veterinary practices email people about their animals' vaccinations; dentists about follow-up work; hardware stores about specials and so on.

If you haven't got and maintain an email list, you are missing out on opportunities, including some new ways to make money. Also, if you send letters to clients/prospects now, you can cut outrepparttar expense of postage, stationery, lodgement, printing and other associated costs.

This is all good stuff, however, your list has to be obtained and managed in accordance withrepparttar 136931 various Spam legislation. That's why you must get people to opt-in and agree to receive email from you before you send it.

Double opt-in occurs when people subscribe to your list from your Internet site and you send them a message seeking assurance that they ... and not someone pretending to be them ... actually completedrepparttar 136932 form. When they reply,repparttar 136933 deal is done.

This can all be done automatically saving you a tremendous amount of time and money.

So, if you haven't got an email list, what will you do about it today?

First published: 05 May 05 Copyright Robin Henry 2005

Robin Henry is a human resources and development specialist and Internet marketer whose firm, Desert Wave Enterprises, helps individuals and businesses improve their performance by personal development and working Smarter.

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