"E-book Theft: What To Do When It Happens To You"

Written by Milana Leshinsky

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Be sure to "immediately printrepparttar outgoing message and sign and daterepparttar 108449 printout", mentions Mr.Petit. Mr. Petit's more-detailed discussion, including sample letters, is at http://www.authorslawyer.com/c-pir0.shtml

3) Be sure to also contactrepparttar 108450 payment processor. Most thieves use a third party processor such as PayPal or ClickBank. Contact them immediately asking them to close their client's account.

4) In most cases, by this time your problem will be solved. The hosting company will suspend their services,repparttar 108451 payment processor will stop processing payment, orrepparttar 108452 ISP will stoprepparttar 108453 theif's Internet Service.

If not, you may need an attorney who handles intellectual property disputes such as an e-book theft. It may take just a letter from him or her to resolve this situation.

You may think, "I will let it go - it's only one person, how much harm can he possibly do?". One illegal reseller is most likely not going to hurt your business. But if you don't take measures to stop more than one thief, you may slowly notice a drop in sales, asrepparttar 108454 Internet becomes saturated with your product.

Do take basic measures outlined inrepparttar 108455 steps above. It won't take you more than a couple of hours, but will save your business cash flow inrepparttar 108456 long run.

IV. How can you prevent e-book theft?

Catching and pursuing your thieves is not easy and time-consuming. Many e-book authors choose to prevent such situations before they even write their e-books. Here are some ways that you can stop theft before it happens.

1) Use an e-book compiler that makes your e-book 100% theft-proof. "E-book Pro" offers you such protection. With it you can remotely cut off access to anyone who stole, illegally redistributes, or otherwise loses their right to your ebook. Developed byrepparttar 108457 Internet Marketing guru, Cory Rudl, this isrepparttar 108458 ONLY software onrepparttar 108459 market that offers such protection for your e-books. You can check it out at: http://www.helpingfoot.com/ebook-security.html

2) Always hiderepparttar 108460 contents of a directory where your e-book file is located. There is not much you can do if your customer decides to resell your e-book, but for those who are looking for easy-to-steal files, be sure to place "index.html" in that directory. This will insure that your files are invisible to Internet users.

3) Give your e-book a creative file name. I noticed that at least once a day someone tries to "guess" my e-book file name by typing different ones in. Don't name your e-book file close to its title.

4) Password protect your e-books, and change your password at least once a month. This can be easily done through your hosting company control panel, or via a CGI script.

5) Do a search on your e-book title (and your name) at least once a month to see if anyone is selling your e-book without your knowledge. When you start selling Reprint Rights, be sure to save allrepparttar 108461 names of your resellers. This way you will always know whether this person is authorized to resell your e-book.

IV. How can you take advantage of e-book theft?

Yes, you read it right. Some authors actually take advantage of their e-books being stolen, especially those writers who have been in such situations before.

Here isrepparttar 108462 thinking behind this concept. If a thief truly wants your e-book, he will find a way to get it. Even if it means typing it up manually!

Instead of doing everything possible to stoprepparttar 108463 theft, authors take it into consideration BEFORE writing their e-books. Here is how you can do it, too.

1) Promote yourself, other e-books, your services, your newsletter, and your web sites throughoutrepparttar 108464 e-book. If you're giving examples, try to use your own web sites and your own experiences to illustrate.

2) Always have at least one more product for sale as your back-end product. Mention it throughout your e-book and link to it where needed.

3) Be sure to offer an incentive to your readers (whether they come from you or your thieves) to subscribe to join your mailing list. Give away a free report, a free e-book, a free newsletter, a free pen, etc. just to capture their e-mails. You will then be able to send them follow-up messages and special promotions.

4) Create more and more e-books of interest torepparttar 108465 same audience. Since they can't get more fromrepparttar 108466 thief, they will get it from you!

5) Put a lot of personality in your e-book. It will make it harder to steal and claim as somebody else's, will make you develop close relationships with your customers, and will make your e-book better.

In my own e-book development, I try to combine all ofrepparttar 108467 above - prevention, pursuing, and promotion. But here is to your e-books never to be stolen!

Milana Leshinsky is a full-time Internet Entrepreneur, and the author of a web design manual for beginners, "Create Your First Business Web Site in 10 days". http://www.firstbusinesswebsite.com/?ebookthft

Taking The Guesswork Out of Weight Loss

Written by Dr. David Nganele

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Also when you decreaserepparttar amount of food you eat, as in dieting, your body also decreasesrepparttar 108448 amount of calories it burns to try and maintainrepparttar 108449 balance. This is why you must increase your activity level to maintain your bodyís rate of burning calories.

Most weight loss plans fail because they do not takerepparttar 108450 powerful effect of homeostasis into account whenrepparttar 108451 program was designed. When you are told, for example to avoid carbohydrates or fats, your body, through homeostasis, will create cravings for those foods and thatís what causes that uneasiness that leadrepparttar 108452 individual to eventually give up onrepparttar 108453 program.

The good news, again is that by shiftingrepparttar 108454 balance in a gradual fashion without trying to completely disrupt it, you can obtain safe and permanent weight loss.

Dr. David Nganele is a noted medical education expert and his book "The New Set Point" explains why most weight loss plans fail and how you can fix yours. You can learn more from his web site at http://www.thenewsetpoint.com

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