E-book "Diasoso Therapy-Manual for Hand Massage"

Written by Branka Babic

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way how to eliminate a number of everyday health problems without painkillers, stimulants, and sedatives, and how to establish balance throughout all parts ofrepparttar body. This authorised manual is written on 109 pages, with 29 photos and 19 diagrams.

Branka Babic, has over 20 years of experience working as a professional masseuse in Europe. Seeing that her motto is that a wealthy person is a person reach in health and knowledge,it is easy to see that here she shares her own wealth with all of you.

Format Each eBook Chapter Before you Write It

Written by Judy Cullins

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3. Third, you will offer a section where you give numbers of tips, how to's, check lists, or resources. For instancerepparttar heading of, "How to Write a Short Article," or "How to Write A Publishable Article."

Sprinkled throughout your chapter you may place author tips into boxes. You may choose to dorepparttar 108429 same for related quotes as Julia Cameron did in "Artists Way." Don't add random quotes just because you like them. Make sure they support each chapter's focus.

4. Finally, inrepparttar 108430 last section of your chapter you may want to write a simple summary as a chapter review. You may want to give homework or fieldwork. You may call them "Three Take Away Ideas" To make them yours to brand yourself and your business use a key word that refers to your book, perhaps a benefit. One client's title was "The Smiling Owner-How to Build a Great Small Business." He workedrepparttar 108431 "Smiling Owner" metaphor into his how to's throughout his chapters.

To end your chapter with a bang, you may want to leave your reader with questions to ponder or a few lines to lead them intorepparttar 108432 next chapter. You may give action steps. Remember, your targeted audience wants solutions to problems. Each chapter in your book should show them how.

Now that you haverepparttar 108433 format for one non-fiction, how-to chapter, you need to followrepparttar 108434 same format for allrepparttar 108435 rest ofrepparttar 108436 chapters. All chapters except chapter one should be approximatelyrepparttar 108437 same length.

Format each chapter in your book. Your consistency, your organized, focused copy will compel your reader to want to read every chapter because they are easy to understand.

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