E-Shopping Has Arrived! Why It's HOT And How You Can Get Your Piece of the Gold Rush

Written by Sam White

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Here are important things to look for when setting up your Internet store:

1) Getrepparttar latest technology that allows you to have an advanced e-commerce site up in seconds. There is no longer a need to spend thousands of dollars and months of your valuable time waiting on a web design team to finishrepparttar 109043 job.

2) Insist on online sales reports. You should be able to access your customer info and downline genealogy 24 hours a day.

3) Increasingly, highly responsive customer service is what satisfies customers and keep them coming back to buy. Use your instant information to insure no orders become orphans or are filled incorrectly.

4) Keep your online store simple to operate 24 hours a day even if you are on vacation. Make it as paperless as possible with all forms and customer messages handled online by your website and autoresponder-driven email.

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Advice for Web Purchasing

Written by Richard Lowe

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- Do not ever use your debit card. Some banks say you will not be liable for fraud, but that won't help inrepparttar short term with your checking account empty. Use a credit card so that liability is covered withrepparttar 109042 banks money, not yours.

- Get a small, $500 credit limit card for internet purchases and pay it off each month. This way, your maximum exposure is $500. If someone uses it fraudulently you won't be liable anyways as long as you followrepparttar 109043 reporting rules, but it's nice to limit even that small liability.

- Always use a credit card for purchases onrepparttar 109044 internet. If your number is stolen it will be protected.

- Be sure you are onrepparttar 109045 site that you think you are on. Checkrepparttar 109046 address (URL) and make sure you've spelled it correctly.

- Don't give out more information than needed to completerepparttar 109047 purchase.

- I'd keep a notebook with a list of what was purchased when. This would be valuable ifrepparttar 109048 product did not arrive as expected.

- Be sure to save receipts to your disk drive.

- Be careful of scams. If it looks too good to be true, it's probably a lie.

- If you are purchasing anything substantial, you might try checking outrepparttar 109049 company's customer service first. You can call their 800 number or send an email and see how long it takes to respond.

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