E-Mail Newsletter Marketing Essentials

Written by Lee Traupel

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What do you want to look for in an ASP List Hosting Provider? You want great customer service, an online interface that enables you to easily managerepparttar process,repparttar 124323 ability to easily to cut and paste your text (newsletter copy), instant distribution of your newsletter andrepparttar 124324 ability to know at a glance how many subscribers you have on an ongoing basis andrepparttar 124325 number of new subscribers and unsubscribers.

There are lots of list hosting companies out there - I'd recommend including two on your short list. One ofrepparttar 124326 oldest, most well established companies that has consistently won rave reviews for excellence in customer service is Sling Shot Media, LLC www.listhost.net - they've been hosting since 1998 (ancient in web time) and offer a wide range of consulting services related to all aspects of newsletter marketing. The other company to check out would be Microsoft's bCentral Services www.bcentral.com which offers list hosting as one of its services. I can't give them rave reviews for customer service, as they make you pay extra for anything more than e- mail support which can be a hassle at times. But, their list hosting interface is easy to use, works well most ofrepparttar 124327 time and they are price competitive.

Finally, one ofrepparttar 124328 biggest marketing challenges facing many small to medium sized companies is generating a newsletter subscriber list. I don't have sufficient space in this column to address this challenge - but, it's a classic go/no go situation;repparttar 124329 longer you put it off repparttar 124330 harder it becomes, so get started,repparttar 124331 upside rewards are too significant to delay!

Lee Traupel has 20 plus years of business development and marketing experience - he is the founder of Intelective Communications, Inc. http://www.intelective.com, a marketing services and software company which provides strategic and tactical marketing services exclusively to small to medium sized companies. He can be reached at Lee@intelective.com

Websites and Newsletters

Written by Michael LaRocca

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But really, why have a newsletter? There are ways to promote web sites (search engines) and there are ways to promote newsletters (announcement lists). Each generates a different type of traffic.

Your newsletter can mention your website, your website can mention your newsletter, and you will gain more users in both areas.

Newsletter Promotion

One quick and easy trick for promoting your newsletter or discussion group is to take advantage ofrepparttar free announcement lists. It'll take you about two minutes a week.

What is an announcement list? Put simply,repparttar 124322 Internet has users who enjoy receiving newsletters, and receiving regular announcements of what newsletters are out there. These are people with some time on their hands, probablyrepparttar 124323 same people who will berepparttar 124324 most receptive to buying your books.

The way I've set things up on my computer is, I've written an ad for my newsletter. I sendrepparttar 124325 same ad torepparttar 124326 announcement lists as often as they'll allow it. Inrepparttar 124327 same file with my announcement, I have a "monthly list" and a "weekly list" of email addresses that I send this ad to. Also inrepparttar 124328 file, I record when I last sent my announcement to them.

Once a week, with a two-minute copy-and-paste job, I'm advertising. Every time I do this, more subscribers arrive. Apparently different people are always joining these announcement lists, and some of them are joining my newsletter subscriber list.

You have to join any announcement list before you can announce on it, but you don't have to receiverepparttar 124329 announcements yourself. Allrepparttar 124330 major newsletter/discussion group hosts will allow you to set your options to "No Mail/Read On The Website."

Visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/michaellarocca/files/ and pick up a copy ofrepparttar 124331 file I use. It's called NewsletterAd.rtf. All typed in and ready to go, except forrepparttar 124332 "signing up" bit. (If you're not receiving my free newsletter, you might want to join while you're there. *grin*)

Once you join each group -- that might take you an hour or two -- you'll be ready to send out those weekly emails.

To joinrepparttar 124333 SmartGroups lists, log onto http://www.smartgroups.com. Each group address is http://www.smartgroups.com/groups/{listname}

{listname} refers torepparttar 124334 part ofrepparttar 124335 email address beforerepparttar 124336 @

To joinrepparttar 124337 Topica lists, log onto http://www.topica.com Each group address is http://www.topica.com/lists/{listname}

To joinrepparttar 124338 YahooGroups lists, log onto http://groups.yahoo.com Each group address is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/{listname}

Free Content

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PublishInYours is a good starting place. Also in Yahoo Groups are articles_announce, articles_archives, Free-Content, and publisher_archives.

You can also look in any search engine for "free content" and find some more.

I recommend Media Peak (http://www.mediapeak.com) and Nerdworld (http://www.nerdworld.com).

Newsletter Unveiling

I'm not going to list all these sites in my article. You can find them at http://free_reads.tripod.com/websitenewsletter.html. There are 31 of them. When I visited them all, I watched my subscriber base grow by about 200 in a month. I don't know which sites should getrepparttar 124339 credit.

Most of them allow you to list your newsletter for a month. I may or may not visit them again at some point, because they take a lot longer thanrepparttar 124340 two-minute job I mentioned before.


Okay, that should keep you busy for a while! Set up your website, set up your newsletter, and do some announcing. If you have any questions alongrepparttar 124341 way, write to michaellarocca@lycos.com and I'll do what I can.

Michael LaRocca is the author of four published novels and an EPPIE 2002 Award finalist. He is an American living in Asia, and he's been a full-time author and editor since December 2000. His website is designed to help you find the best free and low-cost quality reads, and to help you improve/publish/promote your own writing free and avoid scams. http://free_reads.tripod.com

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