E-Commerce is Booming. Are You Benefiting?

Written by Lee Benson.

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Once you haverepparttar web site, you need something to sell. Don't have any ideas? Think aboutrepparttar 109083 things that you have purchased online, or would like to shop for without having to physically go out and look. Household items are amongrepparttar 109084 best sellers onrepparttar 109085 Net. Furniture, small appliances, electronics, and accessories forrepparttar 109086 home are all easy to shop for online.

This time of year, toys are huge sellers, as well as anything that people traditionally like to give as gifts: clothing, jewelry, personal accessories, shoes, even gift certificates.

Now, most of us might not expect thatrepparttar 109087 lion's share of online transactions come from business-to-business sales, but they do. Expert services make up a big chunk, plus information, office supplies, airline tickets, and a myriad of other things.

If you're a trying to cash in onrepparttar 109088 business-to-business market, there are a few important things you need to do.

First, start by providing free personalized advice. Once you have a good number of customers taking advantage of that, step them up to paid consulting. Alongrepparttar 109089 way, you can sell related products and services.

Most people like getting information via email, but will also appreciate it if you're available by telephone as well.

Get a toll free number that shows you're serious about being available to all potential customers, and people will feel more secure knowing that you're just a phone call away.

Lee Benson. The Ezine-Traffic Team. articles@ezine-traffic.com

The Color of e-Business

Written by Ernest Seger

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[] Blue Studies have revealed that blue isrepparttar country's most Popular color.

Ford, "Big Blue" (IBM) and Benz, are all blue. When Exxon and Mobile merged, their color became blue.

[] Green Speaks of ecology and nature. Says Eiseman, "Consumers describe it as fresh, clean and revitalizing."

Yellow-Green is negative for adults (slime), but is liked byrepparttar 109082 youth market.

[] Red Red is viewed asrepparttar 109083 most exciting color - and creates a high arousal threshold.

Compare Chrysler (red) with Ford (blue). Which company do you view asrepparttar 109084 most cutting-edge and exciting?

[] Purple "The 18 to 29 year olds are especially partial to purple because they consider it sexy," says Eiseman. "Andrepparttar 109085 influentials see it as powerful and sophisticated."

[] Black "Black remainsrepparttar 109086 most mysterious, powerful, and sophisticated shade, especially with wealthy, achievement-oriented women." But not by middle-aged men and women, however, who still associate black with mourning.

[] Pink and red The two colors that are seen asrepparttar 109087 warmest as well asrepparttar 109088 most cheerful, with pink beingrepparttar 109089 most popular ofrepparttar 109090 two.

[] Bright orange The least favorite color

For more on this subject, go to http://www.pantone.com/index.asp?pn=home

Bottom line:

Better use of color will mean a better Web site that appeals to your visitor, and can even make your site appear better than it is.

Matchrepparttar 109091 color scheme of your site with your target audience and you'll make more money.

It's as simple as that (and as hard!).

Ernest Seger is CEO of Internet Business Marketing. His site focuses on advanced Internet marketing techniques and free software. Get thousands of visitors to your web site each and every week: http://www.netnetmoney.net

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