Dude Ranch Tourism

Written by Dani Martin

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cowboy life, withrepparttar opportunity to help withrepparttar 142995 chores required forrepparttar 142996 daily operation ofrepparttar 142997 ranch. Dude Ranches have also evolved withrepparttar 142998 times, and many boast every modern amenity one can imagine. Horseback riding is offered for all skill levels, and lessons are almost always available. Although it varies from ranch to ranch, numerous other activities, such as swimming, fishing, hiking, square dances and campfires are usually offered. There are, of course, more modern reasons to spend time at a Dude Ranch. Withoutrepparttar 142999 neon lights ofrepparttar 143000 city, you can seerepparttar 143001 stars at night. Withoutrepparttar 143002 noise ofrepparttar 143003 highway, you can hearrepparttar 143004 crickets and birds. And when you’re sitting atop your horse, you can look around and see land that stretches for miles, without a mini-mall or condominium complex to obscurerepparttar 143005 view.

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What Your Luggage Tells Others About You

Written by Flor Bonifacio

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Or they could be just like me who don’t own any luggage for myself but borrow from my Mother who happens to own a handsome-looking golden hard case Samsonite luggage. I always think that they would be infrequent travellers like me because who would be sane enough to go more than twice a year carrying a luggage that is heavier than what you would and could put in them, wheels notwithstanding.

One type of luggage and owners that I spotted on my way out of Sydney to Bangkok recently stood out fromrepparttar rest however. The set of bags were so worn out and dated and were a “mix bag” (pun unintended) of soft imitation leather orange vinyls cracking atrepparttar 142949 edges, as well as hard case luggages with patches of green peering fromrepparttar 142950 airport stickers – from Athens to Zaire - plastered onto them. The owners seem to be as proud of their bags asrepparttar 142951 lady next to them with her Louis Vuitton designer label soft case with wheels luggage.

I reluctantly classed them as retired seasoned travellers who are romantics at heart and who would not trade their worn-out, beaten luggages who each carry special memories, forrepparttar 142952 classiest Louis Vuitton inrepparttar 142953 world.

I must confess I have been tempted on a number of occasions to strike up a casual conversation withrepparttar 142954 owners of these hard to decipher luggages to confirm that my suspicions and mental cataloguing are correct. But who wants to spoilrepparttar 142955 wonderful world of fanciful fiction overrepparttar 142956 harsh reality of boring facts. Not me. And not inrepparttar 142957 midst of allrepparttar 142958 rush and enforced waiting in special places called airports.

Flor Bonifacio is co-founder of http://discount-luggage-samsonite.com/ - an online shopping store offering savings of up to 80% on name-brand luggage products.

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