Dude Ranch Golfing at the Double JJ in Michigan

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According torepparttar literature, I was "minutes away, miles fromrepparttar 139389 ordinary" attendingrepparttar 139390 annual Media Golf Round-Up atrepparttar 139391 1,500-acre ranch with its adjoining championship golf course. So I was ready for anything that weekend, including taking part in my first rodeo on Friday. The ranch holds about twenty rodeos a year, and this particular weekend markedrepparttar 139392 first ofrepparttar 139393 2003 season.

During one ofrepparttar 139394 audience participation portions ofrepparttar 139395 rodeo, I was coaxed intorepparttar 139396 rodeo ring, only to find myself chasing baby bulls with ribbons tied to their tails. The object was to snag one of these ribbons, andrepparttar 139397 winning ribbon would win a cute lil' statue commemoratingrepparttar 139398 feat.

All but one ofrepparttar 139399 bulls had been stripped, and I found myself uniquely poised to rip a ribbon offrepparttar 139400 running ribeye.

So, there I was, standing with my left shoulder a few feet away fromrepparttar 139401 fence that enclosesrepparttar 139402 ring. A crowd of people are chasingrepparttar 139403 last piece of beef counterclockwise, and it's running alongrepparttar 139404 fence, towards me. Without thinking, I slam my hip intorepparttar 139405 beast and slide my left hand over its back and gripped its tail, still sliding my hand downward.

A kick and a snort later, my cow dung-encrusted hand holds a ribbon up high over my head.

No, I didn't winrepparttar 139406 prize, but I felt like I had.

The rodeo clowns performed amusing skits, andrepparttar 139407 real cowboys busting broncos and bull riding were amazing to watch. Other audience participation moments included trying to ride wild donkeys and an impressive display of skill from some ofrepparttar 139408 more regular attendees, galloping atop steeds from one end ofrepparttar 139409 ring to secure a rope onrepparttar 139410 other end in a rodeo-style elimination game.

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Mojave Dunes- Golfing The Arizona Indian Reservation

Written by Mel Barosay

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The Hole #9, a par 4, 438-yard test is appropriately named "The Brute". It isrepparttar number one rated or handicap onrepparttar 139369 course. With its length and protective bunkers, a draw (right to left) shot is preferred, but not mandatory. A very difficult approach torepparttar 139370 green is uponrepparttar 139371 golfer with a steep collection area torepparttar 139372 right ofrepparttar 139373 putting surface ifrepparttar 139374 shot is missed there. A sand trap and "dunish" mound of sand lies directly behindrepparttar 139375 green ifrepparttar 139376 shot is long. Water (out-of bounds) and tall grass growing fromrepparttar 139377 moister ground confrontsrepparttar 139378 golfer if they are too far torepparttar 139379 left.

Although nothing was created unfairly,repparttar 139380 golfer will find some fairways a bit unduly trecherous, such as Hole #11 (named "Entrapment"), with a non-conspicuously placed sand bunker in its middle where a longer drive may be able to reach it. Whether or notrepparttar 139381 drive makesrepparttar 139382 trap, it leaves a tricky climbing approach to arrive onrepparttar 139383 green in regulation.

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Hole #13 ("the Pit") is a short par 5, 477 yarder. It winds likerepparttar 139384 letter "S" with a large waterless strip of desert confrontingrepparttar 139385 golfer to hit over and reachrepparttar 139386 green. Asrepparttar 139387 fairway slithers aroundrepparttar 139388 well-manicured desert landscape,repparttar 139389 fairway becomes very narrow. Therefore, if you failed to hit a long drive fromrepparttar 139390 tee, you probably will be required to lay up your second shot. Perfect positioning inrepparttar 139391 tapered fairway is required to avoidrepparttar 139392 unsure hazard. Althoughrepparttar 139393 natural desert sand floor looks, feels and reacts like a shot from a characteristic sand trap, it allowsrepparttar 139394 golfer to groundrepparttar 139395 club while addressing their ball.

Holes #17 ("Crap Shot"), and #18 ("Double Cross"), bringrepparttar 139396 golfer in with two ofrepparttar 139397 prettiest holes ofrepparttar 139398 day. Both tee-off shots will necessitaterepparttar 139399 carry over small lakes. Hole #17, a par 3, 145 seven iron to a peninsula green is protected by a sand trap if you bail out torepparttar 139400 right. Hole #18, a par 4, 388-yard trial requires a perfectly-placed drive torepparttar 139401 fairway which runs parallel torepparttar 139402 river-like lagoon torepparttar 139403 right, and thoughtfully-positioned sand traps torepparttar 139404 left, some 200+ yards out. From here, and to advance your ball to makerepparttar 139405 green in regulation,repparttar 139406 golfer is faced with another shot overrepparttar 139407 stream to an angulating green that is well protected by bunkers onrepparttar 139408 right and behind it (in case you used an extra club length to ensure dryness).

Duffer DVDsWith a four-star rating by Golf Digest, and votedrepparttar 139409 "Best Course" inrepparttar 139410 tri-state area (Arizona, California, Nevada), Mojave Golf Resort providesrepparttar 139411 finishing touches to a total entertainment venue that

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By Mel Barosay, Jetsetters Magazine Correspondent. Read Jetsetters Magazine at www.jetsettersmagazine.com

Mel Barosay, Jetsetters Magazine Correspondent. Join the Travel Writers Network in the logo at www.jetsettersmagazine.com

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