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According torepparttar Uniform Code of Military Justice every soldier must obey LAWFUL orders of their superiors includingrepparttar 143562 Commander-in-Chief. The internal conflict withinrepparttar 143563 soldier thatrepparttar 143564 Downing Street memo could raise is if President George W. Bush did in fact lie us into war violatingrepparttar 143565 constitution and international law. If that did in fact occur our soldiers would be under no obligation to follow his illegal orders. Imagine 150,000 armed troops realizing that not only do they not have to followrepparttar 143566 illegal orders of this Commander-in-Chief but that over 1700 of their brothers and sisters have died for a lie.

Isrepparttar 143567 memo in and of itself reason for impeachment? Absolutely not but it does leave us asking some very serious questions that MUST be resolved. Depending uponrepparttar 143568 answers to these questionsrepparttar 143569 President ofrepparttar 143570 United States may be impeached. That point is well off. First, questions must be asked ofrepparttar 143571 principals in hearings byrepparttar 143572 Congress. Questions to Sir Richard Dearlove, Jack Straw and Matthew Rycroft who are responsible forrepparttar 143573 content ofrepparttar 143574 memo. Questions like do you disputerepparttar 143575 minutes contained withinrepparttar 143576 memo? Who did you meet with inrepparttar 143577 U.S.? When did you meet? What was discussed? Were you told that this President wanted to go to war with Iraq? Was an ultimatum issued to Iraq so that war could be legally justified? Was any other nation brought intorepparttar 143578 discussions about Iraq prior torepparttar 143579 U.N. resolution? Who orderedrepparttar 143580 escalation ofrepparttar 143581 bombing of Iraq prior torepparttar 143582 start ofrepparttar 143583 war andrepparttar 143584 U.N. resolution, torepparttar 143585 point of dropping twice as many bombs asrepparttar 143586 previous year in a matter of months? How was this legally justified? Was intelligence being presented torepparttar 143587 American people,repparttar 143588 United Nations and Congress knowingly false or inflated to justify war? Is it known whether or not this administration was intent upon war despiterepparttar 143589 reality ofrepparttar 143590 situation?

These questions must be asked ofrepparttar 143591 highest members of our government. Failure to ask them goes way beyond partisan control and goes directlyrepparttar 143592 heart of our democracy. Ifrepparttar 143593 Republicans cannot rise above what's good for their party forrepparttar 143594 greater good ofrepparttar 143595 United States of America this experiment known as democracy is frankly headed towards failure.

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Written by Doug Krieger

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LaHaye’s agenda mirrors that of Falwell’s; and isrepparttar heart and passion ofrepparttar 143519 so-called Religious Right in America. Restoringrepparttar 143520 Nation back to Absolute Values—family, pro-life (a.k.a., “the culture of life”), anti-abortion (just so you know what pro-life is), anti-gay agenda (the whole thing), pro-marriage (between Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve), pro-prayer inrepparttar 143521 public schools, pro-displaying of religious symbols and artifacts likerepparttar 143522 Ten Commandments wherever and whenever, strong “national defense” (as defined as “whatever it takes to destroyrepparttar 143523 barbaric infidels”), etc., etc., etc.


A little evangelical background on Rep. DeLay would be helpful . . . so, after a couple of terms inrepparttar 143524 Texas Legislature (after a rather lackluster business life as a pest control operator), DeLay made a move onrepparttar 143525 US Congress, running inrepparttar 143526 suburbs of Houston, TX and winning! He headed off to Washington as a freshman Rep. and ledrepparttar 143527 charge againstrepparttar 143528 NEA (National Endowment forrepparttar 143529 Arts)—and got a whole lot of fame for DEFUNDING THE LEFT (especially withrepparttar 143530 NEA’s propensity to spend huge sums of money on absurd and even pornographic “art”).

Notwithstandingrepparttar 143531 crusading efforts to purgerepparttar 143532 Left of its immoral efforts, DeLay himself had his own demons to corral. It was inrepparttar 143533 mid-1980s whenrepparttar 143534 booze-drinkin’ (similar to President Bush’s story) DeLay rediscovered his Baptist roots and through a fellow Republican colleague, Frank Wolfe, was handed a tape by Dr. James Dobson—andrepparttar 143535 rest is evangelical history. DeLay claims he had a real born-again experience—much like President Bush. And, like Bush, eventually got involved in an “accountability group” compliments ofrepparttar 143536 Promise Keepers; then, on torepparttar 143537 Southern Baptist, avant-garde, Sugar Land First Baptist Church, where DeLay’s A-A-mens could be easily heard, as Pastor Scott Rambo (who, as Dubose describes was “as charismatic and engaging as Bill Clinton at a town hall meeting”) preached torepparttar 143538 thousands who’d come each week to hear his “seeker-friendly” messages.

Yep, like President Bush, DeLay’s faith has utterly energized his politics. Listen to DeLay’s “mission statement” for America:

“To bring us back torepparttar 143539 Constitution and to Absolute Truth that has been manipulated and destroyed by a liberal worldview.” (p. 58 – The Hammer)


Continuing on with DeLay’s evangelical roots (his political evolution and machinations are also really interesting—but later on those) . . .

Like Clinton, DeLay grew up in a dysfunctional home where his father was an alcoholic. He hailed fromrepparttar 143540 “roughneck camps ofrepparttar 143541 Texas oil patch—home torepparttar 143542 guys who drilledrepparttar 143543 wells and ranrepparttar 143544 casing forrepparttar 143545 bullies who ownedrepparttar 143546 royalties and ranrepparttar 143547 state. His patrimony wasrepparttar 143548 sort of dysfunction that isrepparttar 143549 psychological and biological inheritance ofrepparttar 143550 children of alcoholics.” (p. 9 – The Hammer).

Onrepparttar 143551 other hand, Bush picked uprepparttar 143552 Texan drawl, but, let’s face it, his family richly provided him an East Coast prep school, bachelor’s degree from Yale, an MBA from Harvard—and, beingrepparttar 143553 grandson of a U.S. senator and son of a vice president and president—man, maybe, after all, he was born with a “silver spoon” in his mouth. Whereas DeLay’s background couldn’t hold a candle torepparttar 143554 patrician Bush. Nope, DeLay was through and through a plebeian (Roman for “dirt poor” compared torepparttar 143555 aristocrats amongrepparttar 143556 Romans called patricians.).

Bush was an oilman—and, frankly, not a very good one (so everyone knows)—but he had a deep well of never-ending resources through family-related investment capital. Onrepparttar 143557 other hand, DeLay was a bug man. And, like Bush, not a very good one at that. Eventually,repparttar 143558 rules and regs. ofrepparttar 143559 EPA just about wiped out his business—and, that did it. “It’s off to Congress I go”—so you wonder whyrepparttar 143560 “counter-revolution” againstrepparttar 143561 EPA, et al, continues to this day?

Right aboutrepparttar 143562 same time that DeLay was “finding Jesus” – President Bush was doingrepparttar 143563 same—but under very different “evangelical environments.” First of all, Bush’s drinking habits were gettingrepparttar 143564 best of him—and Laura had had it.

The time was ripe! However, Bush’s “conversion experience” differed from DeLay’s. When Bush,repparttar 143565 prodigal son, returned home torepparttar 143566 Maine compound in 1985, there wasrepparttar 143567 Revered Billy Graham. They walkedrepparttar 143568 grounds of Walker Point—the Bush family estate onrepparttar 143569 coast of Maine. Bush prayed with Graham and he “surrendered himself to Jesus.” Returning back home in Midland, Bush joined a Bible Study “accountability group” that Laura also attended—eventually, he quit drinking.

In sum, Dubose describesrepparttar 143570 Bush and DeLay religious encounters as follows:

“DeLay had come up harder in all ways, all his life. He had absorbed enough Baptist teaching and upbringing to call himself a Christian, yet as he neared forty he knew he was a sinner. His road to Damascus was plebeian, and he choked inrepparttar 143571 dust of patricians like George Bush.” (p. 53)

“When Tom DeLay fell to his knees before a video clip of James Dobson, he was not only born again in Christ, he was born again in Republican electoral politics. This is not to suggest that his motives were anything less than spiritual, butrepparttar 143572 result was political. Not only did his return torepparttar 143573 church provide himrepparttar 143574 focus and discipline he lacked when he had been ‘Hot Tub Tom’ of ‘Macho Manor’ in Austin (you’ll have to readrepparttar 143575 book to understand), DeLay immediately became part of a religious community that is also a political community. As a high-profile evangelical Christian, Tom DeLay connected torepparttar 143576 Christian base without whichrepparttar 143577 Republican Party cannot win national elections—and many state elections. Like George W. Bush, DeLay found Jesus atrepparttar 143578 precise moment in American political history when Jesus became a political asset. THE TIMING WAS SO PERFECT THAT THE NONBELIEVR IS LEFT TO WONDER IF IT JUST MIGHT HAVE BEEN GOD’S PLAN. (pp. 58-59 – The Hammer) (Note: My emphasis uponrepparttar 143579 “secularist’s remarks.)

There you have it—somehow, evangelicalism and politics—along with this guy, Tim LaHaye—found fertile ground inrepparttar 143580 Baptist soils of Texas. Two men from two completely different walks of life—at aboutrepparttar 143581 same time—gotrepparttar 143582 “old time religion” and it has shaped how they look at America andrepparttar 143583 world—BIG TIME! Likewise, it has shaped how “Liberal America” thinks about them and about most “old time religion” in America—just in case you can’t see where I’m going with this! (Veiled allusion here to Howard Dean's Republican Party of "White Christians" remark(June, 2005).)

(Please go to: http://www.the-tribulation-network.com/dougkrieger/delay_lahay.htm forrepparttar 143584 remainder ofrepparttar 143585 article with links/graphics, etc.)

Doug is a member of Last Days Network, a team of evangelical writers whose news and reviews appear on numerous blog sites throughout the USA and the world. Religion and politics are joined at the hip...and more so in the USA...what is going on here anyway?

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