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Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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“It was alsorepparttar "green language" ofrepparttar 144161 Freemasons (‘Allrepparttar 144162 Initiates expressed themselves in cant,’ Fulcanelli reminds us) who builtrepparttar 144163 art gothique ofrepparttar 144164 cathedrals. Ultimatelyrepparttar 144165 "art cot," orrepparttar 144166 "art of light," is derived fromrepparttar 144167 Language ofrepparttar 144168 Birds, which seems to be a sort of Ur-language taught by both Jesus andrepparttar 144169 ancients. It is also mentioned inrepparttar 144170 Sufi text, entitled "The Conference ofrepparttar 144171 Birds," by Attarrepparttar 144172 Chemist. In de Tassey's French translation of this work, which Fulcanelli references,repparttar 144173 "conference" ofrepparttar 144174 title is translated as "language." De Tassey goes on to explainrepparttar 144175 complex linguistic metaphor beneathrepparttar 144176 simple fable. Fulcanelli usesrepparttar 144177 same method to decoderepparttar 144178 alchemical meaning ofrepparttar 144179 cathedrals.” (3)

The Sufi were allied withrepparttar 144180 Cathars and those Sufis who escapedrepparttar 144181 Crusade whichrepparttar 144182 ‘Hounds of hell’ perpetrated upon them went to joinrepparttar 144183 Bogomils inrepparttar 144184 Balkans where problems still continue and a Library/Museum was recently targeted byrepparttar 144185 US bombers. This library held their sacred books. TARTESSUS/TARSHIS:

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Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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possession. There are body related possessions as well. Clearlyrepparttar stupor state caused byrepparttar 144160 drug does affect both bodies and it may impactrepparttar 144161 spirit as well. As we proceed some ofrepparttar 144162 issues will be dealt with but I cannot give a full explanation of what is involved, other than ritual magic and drug use. Having had possessions and ritual magic practiced upon me, I can honestly say I am certain it is able to affect such things on people who are suggestible and thus a person in a stupor has few (if any) defenses. Having experience with exorcisms I am sure little could be done to counteractrepparttar 144163 possession ofrepparttar 144164 body byrepparttar 144165 drug andrepparttar 144166 magician would simply re-possessrepparttar 144167 body once it had been psychically cleansed. A Total de-tox and subsequent therapy including buildingrepparttar 144168 ‘protection’ of soul inrepparttar 144169 victim is required.

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