Drug-Free Pain Medication

Written by Danielle Papageorgiou

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Joint sufferers have recently been using Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Cat’s Claw (the herb) to relieverepparttar suffering of damaged cartilage,repparttar 148958 material that protects our joints as a shock absorber. This combination promotes cartilage formation and renewal in as little as one week.

And, whilerepparttar 148959 beauty industry is all aflutter with liposome technology for anti-aging skin care products, a sweet surprise for arthritis and muscle pain sufferers isrepparttar 148960 fact that these liposomes work inrepparttar 148961 same fast-absorbing, deeply penetrating manner when incorporated in joint and muscle pain creams. Liposome delivery systems are biodegradable, non-toxic and prevent oxidation, due torepparttar 148962 fact that they enable water-soluble and water-insoluble materials to be used together in a formulation withoutrepparttar 148963 use of surfactants or other emulsifiers.

More and more consumers are becoming aware that in purchasing pharmaceutical products, one is paying for “altered molecules”, and their safety is subsequently being challenged. Many of us are no longer prepared to acceptrepparttar 148964 complications that come with technology that has not proven itself. Rememberrepparttar 148965 old adage, “buyer beware”. New is not always better. Of course, old is not always better either. But, for my money I’ll opt for safe products--those that have been around for centuries, andrepparttar 148966 new ones that have a proven track record.

Danielle Papageorgiou has been reading about health for almost a decade. She runs several health-related websites and sells Shaklee vitamins and supplements through her website, www.Shaklee.net/JonandDanielle.

We're natural mind readers

Written by Anonymous

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Theory theory says children collect evidence -- inrepparttar form of gestures and expressions -- and use their everyday understanding of people to develop theories that explain and predictrepparttar 148957 mental state of people they come in contact with.

Simulation theory states that we place ourselves in another person's "mental shoes", and use our own mind as a model for theirs.

Butrepparttar 148958 two theories are not mutually exclusive. Ifrepparttar 148959 mirror neuron system is defective or damaged, and our ability to empathise is lost,repparttar 148960 observe-and-guess method of theory theory may berepparttar 148961 only option left. Some scientists suspect this is what happens in autistic people, whose mental disorder prevents them from understandingrepparttar 148962 intentions and motives of others.

The idea is thatrepparttar 148963 mirror neuron systems of autistic individuals are somehow deficient, and thatrepparttar 148964 resulting "mind-blindness" prevents them from simulatingrepparttar 148965 experiences of others. For them, experience is more observed than lived, andrepparttar 148966 emotional undercurrents that govern so much of our behaviour are inaccessible. They guessrepparttar 148967 mental states of others through explicit theorising, butrepparttar 148968 end result is a list of actions, gestures and expressions void of motive, intent, or emotion.

One recent experiment by Hugo Theoret and colleagues atrepparttar 148969 University of Montreal showed that mirror neurons normally active duringrepparttar 148970 observation of hand movements in non-autistic individuals are silent in those who have autism.


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