Dropping the Carbs - The Pros and Cons of Ketogenic Dieting Part Two

Written by Andrew Langhorn

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Protein coversrepparttar widest range of foods left to us. Protein, which makes up our body’s muscles, can be found fromrepparttar 143535 flesh of other animals as well as from milks, beans and lentils. Much like fat, our body requires protein. How much is open to debate. Active individuals, particularly those who require larger muscles, will have a much higher protein need than a sedentary individual but sufficed to say, excess protein intake (although feared by many mainstream nutritionists) has none ofrepparttar 143536 dangers that excess grain or sugar consumption does. That said, we could always make healthier choices. Althoughrepparttar 143537 Atkins diet may allow us to eat burgers and bacon all day long, this may not berepparttar 143538 ideal choice. When considering meat products we have to remember what staterepparttar 143539 animal it came from was in when it was slaughtered. Most animals in large factory farming business are over-fed, over medicated cripples and surely this meat can’t be entirely healthy. Foods like bacon also contain a large number of hazardous preservative chemicals that sap at our besieged immune systems. Once again, not all proteins are created equal. Choosing organic fresh meats from leaner animals is a wise choice when considering health. Chicken and Turkey, from good organic sources is a lean and easy to use protein source. Animals such as bison (buffalo) and Ostrich may sound like exotic food sources to many, but their meat is almost entirely free from chemicals and their natural diets of grass and other non-artificial feeds leaves them with a low-fat content of good, healthy fats. High quality protein is essential to your health and survival. Eating lower-quality meats may allow you to stay trim (since protein consumption appears to regulate our appetite much better than grains ever could) but investing in higher quality meats will mean you can claimrepparttar 143540 health benefits as well. THE HEALTHY LOW CARB APPROACH As many low-carb dieters have pointed out, most humans were never designed to live on a high carbohydrate content in their diets. As hunter-gatherers we consisted mostly on animals that roamed wild and on fresh vegetables and berries we could find in our local habitat. Although our societies may have advanced enough to let us devise sustained agriculture, our genes are still locked in a hundred thousand-year-old struggle for survival. Our bodies recogniserepparttar 143541 nutrients available from clean meats, healthy fats and fresh vegetables. They have substantial trouble coping withrepparttar 143542 sudden influx of excess energy and too quickly absorbed carbohydrates inrepparttar 143543 form of grains and sugars. Restrictingrepparttar 143544 intake of grains and sugars makes a fairly quick and positive change towards a healthier life. However, it may be that in our urge to shedrepparttar 143545 pounds with as little pain as possible,repparttar 143546 lower carb diets we choose are tilted towardsrepparttar 143547 proteins and fats we don’t really need and attention to vegetables is ignored. With a few minor modifications we can find a lower-carbohydrate approach that not only helps us maintain a normalised body-weight and fat mass but also helps us be an all round healthier individual. There are a hundred other points towards improving health but all these changes make an admirable start. BULLET-POINTS AND OTHER HINTS FOR A HEALTHY STARTER APPROACH TO LOW-CARB LIFESTYLES EAT YOUR VEGGIES! (They’rerepparttar 143548 good carbs and won’t interfere with your low carb benefits) CHOOSE LEAN MEATS & EGGS (Eggs are a great source of protein as is grass-fed organic meat) CHOOSE BETTER FATS (Make sure you eat a regular supply of Omega 3 fats amongst your other daily intakes. Saturated fat in moderation is notrepparttar 143549 danger. Sugar is) STAY AWAY FROM SUGARS AND GRAINS! (Low carbohydrate is less about maligning one particular food group and more about staying away from those sources which your body can’t handle in large amounts. Athletes and healthy individuals may be able to use limited sugar and/or grains to improve performance butrepparttar 143550 same basic rules apply elsewhere) DRINK LOTS OF WATER (We often argue over what groups of food are essential or not but one we can all agree on is water. You need it and lots of it. Forgot food, without water you die fast!) BE WARY OF SPECIAL LOW-CARB FOODS (There are a great number of healthy choices here, Athletes especially will enjoy easy-to-mix carb free protein drinks etc but as low-carb diets have hit certain food industries hard, expect lots of products that may be lower carb choices but are not healthy. Always rememberrepparttar 143551 low-fat craze where manufacturers swapped saturated fat for lots of sugar…) MIX YOUR FOOD CHOICES (Restricting grains and sugars is a great start but don’t fall intorepparttar 143552 trap of just surviving onrepparttar 143553 same meat diet day in and day out. Mix your proteins and fats and vegetables offer a wide variety of healthy options) ENJOY THE DIET! (Just because you stopped eating chips and bread with your meals doesn’t mean you have to get bored! There is a limitless supply of sauces, seasonings, meats, eggs and vegetables that don’t require high carb sugar and corn syrup additives to make great tasting meals. Get fitter and healthier and enjoy your food while you do! Enjoying bacon once in a while poses little threat. Compare this to downing a fizzy drink with eight spoons of addictive, toxic sugar and you seerepparttar 143554 advantages already)

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Andrew Langhorn is a health and fitness enthusiast, hypnotist and personal trainer. He has authored many works in the field of sports supplements, nutrition, training and personal motivation.

You Are Fat! Want to Know Who’s Really to Blame?

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