Drop Ship your way to eBay profits

Written by Mike Ralph

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Drop shipping allows you to develop your business in this manner because instead of worrying about stock levels and shipping you get to focus on listening torepparttar market and discoveringrepparttar 140675 products your visitors want - and then being able to rapidly add them to your site.


Drop Shipping is EASY - Have I said that?

BUT, don't get carried away. When you seerepparttar 140676 products thatrepparttar 140677 drop shippers offer you simply think I can sell that, that, that and that and before long your list of things that you want to sell is massive and this is counter productive. In order to make drop shipping successful for you I would suggest to


Build this up, when this is established then it gives yourepparttar 140678 ability to go into other areas a lot easier and your current customer base will give you a good source of potential new customers straight away.

A great way is to focus onto a product that you like, know a lot about or use personally in a hobby etc. This gives yourepparttar 140679 opportunity to develop your website as an authority onrepparttar 140680 subject and as such ADD VALUE.

Like any business venture there are some points that should be raised before you build your online empirerepparttar 140681 easy drop shipping way :

Don't just userepparttar 140682 first drop shipper you come across as they may not give yourepparttar 140683 best deal on this particular product. Like all things shop around a number of drop shippers to findrepparttar 140684 one most suitable to your needs.

Some drop shippers operate a handling fee over and above shipping costs, this is usually quite a resonable fee and needs to be factored into your pricing structure.

Some drop shippers try to charge you a monthly 'members' fee as another means to make money from you, in my opinion these should be avoided asrepparttar 140685 only time you should have to pay a dropshipper is in connection with a specific order. You will find thatrepparttar 140686 majority that charge a members fee arerepparttar 140687 ones that offer no true value to your business anyway.

As with any developing businessrepparttar 140688 question of credibility is key, unfortunately there are a number of con artists out there that are aiming to take your money for nothing in return. A key phrase to remember is :


Research is key, for example :

How long haverepparttar 140689 drop shippers been in business?

Do they respond to your information requests quickly and professionally?

Do they offer buying accounts?

What payments do they accept? (if just Western Union run a mile)

This list is endless, that is why I only recommend two sources of drop shippers information. Both these lists are maintained by professionals that constantly update thier lists and only recommendrepparttar 140690 best, most reliable and trustworthy dropshippers. These sources can be found fromrepparttar 140691 link in my signature box atrepparttar 140692 bottom ofrepparttar 140693 article.

As you can imaginerepparttar 140694 idea of drop shipping fits in with online auctions, in particular eBay, perfectly as eBay will provide you withrepparttar 140695 traffic and all you have to do is make that ad stand out fromrepparttar 140696 rest (my FREE resources on my site will help you) and allrepparttar 140697 rest ofrepparttar 140698 work is done for you.

You just concentrate on developing your business and using ebays traffic to make money and you cannot lose.

Mike - webmaster at Online Auction Traders Resource

Visit ebay information central to use the FREE resources to develop your online business.

Making $2000 on eBay, selling Silver Jewelry

Written by Apisith C.

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of time to packagerepparttar products. You should be receiving a shipment with allrepparttar 140597

products prepackged, in either plastic bags, or bubble wrap; so all you have to do

is sort them out, insert them into envelopes/boxes and mail them to your clients.

You can easily profit up to 200-300% of your buying cost, ie. buying a ring for

$3.00 and reselling it on ebay for $10. That is $7.00 profit, from just clicking

your mouse.

If you list 10 rings a day, it would be $70 In 30 days, for a total of 30 days,

that is $2100.00 ; minus 10% for ebay expenses and other costs; you would be left

with approximately $1900.00 This is onlyrepparttar 140598 minimum, by selling 10 rings / day.

You can list a lot more. There are other products too, such as earrings, bracelets,

pendants...and more. All of this; and more are profitable items.

A supplier that allows you to return items that are unsold, is your guarantee to

success. There is no real investment involved, if it does not work; just returnrepparttar 140599

items. However if it works, build on from there.


Mr. Apisith is founder/president of www.925silver4u.com, An excellent resource for home businesses looking to start a silver jewelry retail business.

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