Drop Cards & How to Use Them

Written by Chris Bradford and Brande McCree

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restrooms. 3. Drop one in everything you mail. 4. Leave them on public telephones 5. Hand them out to everyone you meet. 6. Leave them on top of cigarette machines in lounges. 7. Stick them in books and magazines at your local bookstore. 8. Leave them on shelves in grocery and variety stores. 9. Leave them inrepparttar back seat of taxi cabs, and onrepparttar 124505 seats of public transportation. 10. Leave them in changing areas in clothing stores. 11. Slip them inrepparttar 124506 pockets of clothing at clothing stores.

With drop cards you will get prospects interested inrepparttar 124507 opportunity you are offering. Remember, drop cards may also be printed as decals and on items such as match books. Think ofrepparttar 124508 possibilities!

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Deliver Workshops and Promote Your Business

Written by June Campbell

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6. Decide how to market your workshop. Will you promote your event through posters, advertisements in local media, letters to existing customers, press releases, email, etc?

7. Create a budget. First, determine your expenses, including facility rental, equipment rental, cost of providing coffee & snacks, promotional budget, fee for helpers or assistants, administrative expenses, handouts, samples, binders, etc. Then, play withrepparttar figures until you have identifiedrepparttar 124504 number of participants that you will need andrepparttar 124505 fee that you will charge in order to break even and to generate a profit margin. Is your fee reasonable and is it in line with what your participants are likely to pay? If not, tinker until it is.

8. Deciderepparttar 124506 minimum number of participants that you must attract to break even. Be prepared to cancelrepparttar 124507 workshop and return participant fees if fewer than this number register. Similarly, decide uponrepparttar 124508 maximum number of participants that you can handle and offer a waiting list when that number is reached.

9. Next, arrange for your facility. If suitable space is not readily available, consider meeting rooms at universities and colleges, community rooms in shopping malls, community halls and agencies, convention centers, etc.

10. Promote your event.

11. Completerepparttar 124509 planning forrepparttar 124510 workshop. Create a detailed agenda forrepparttar 124511 workshop outliningrepparttar 124512 activities and learning goals for every session. Arrange for equipment. Arrange for beverages and snacks, if appropriate. Locate your assistants.

12. Prepare for last minute disasters. For example, if you're planning on showing a 45-minute video, what'll you do ifrepparttar 124513 VCR breaks? You'll fare better if you plan forrepparttar 124514 unexpected, develop a flexible attitude and a sense of humor, and always bring backup material.

Ready? Now break a leg!

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