Driving in Greece - How Bad is it?

Written by Emmanuel Mendonca

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A Few Road Tips

- The first and most important one is to just be alert. This will keep you safe onrepparttar road 99.99% ofrepparttar 145394 time. I realised recently that I am now no longer just looking atrepparttar 145395 car in front of me when I drive, but I am also unconsciously looking through his windshield atrepparttar 145396 car in front of him. You will soon develop quicker reactions and a sixth sense for when someone is going to do something unorthodox. Driving back inrepparttar 145397 UK would probably feel pretty dull now!

- Care needs to be taken on roundabouts, because it seems thatrepparttar 145398 rule isrepparttar 145399 person who drives most aggressively, regardless of whether they are already onrepparttar 145400 roundabout or entering it, isrepparttar 145401 one who has priority.

- Unlike inrepparttar 145402 UK, when another driver flashes his headlights at you, he is not letting you pass, he is warning you that he is coming and to stay out ofrepparttar 145403 way. The same goes for when someone honks their horn. If someone is letting you pass, they will usually wave you through with their hand.

- In built-up areas, go carefully through crossroads, because people do not always respect stop signs and may also have their view of you blocked by cars parked right onrepparttar 145404 street corner.

- In response to what I said earlier about red traffic lights, whenrepparttar 145405 lights turn green do not move off without checking that there are no latecomers coming from another junction. When I first started driving here, I thought that people had a slow reaction time whenrepparttar 145406 lights turn green but now I realise they are just being careful.

Emmanuel Mendonca is the webmaster and publisher of Athens Room at www.athensroom.com - a free service for finding and advertising property for rent in Athens, with a wealth of information about visiting, living and working in Greece.

What Should You Know About Hiking Boots?

Written by Diana Claire

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- If you want to try hiking boots, do it when you have warm feet. Walk at least half mile before you try it on. That way your foot will be morerepparttar size it will be when you are actually hiking.

- Don't forget to wear two hiking socks. It'srepparttar 145393 best way to prevent blisters and an uncomfortable foot while hiking. Two pairs of socks will not only give you good padding, but will also wickrepparttar 145394 moisture away from your foot as well.

- Once you haverepparttar 145395 shoe on, lacerepparttar 145396 boot up. Don't lace it too tightly, but just snugly. Walk aroundrepparttar 145397 store and see how they feel. In particular, make sure that your heel can slide around slightly. The boot should be comfortable but stiff.

- Your toes should not hitrepparttar 145398 front ofrepparttar 145399 boot too much. To simulate walking down a hill bangrepparttar 145400 toe ofrepparttar 145401 boot onrepparttar 145402 ground or against a wall. Your toe shouldn't hitrepparttar 145403 front ofrepparttar 145404 boot too easily. If it does, either your boot is too small or your laces aren't snug enough. Your boots should feel a little big.

Get Your Boots through Internet

Okay...now you know some information about this hiking boots. You can find various kind of hiking boots in retailer shop. Butrepparttar 145405 easiest ways to find your hiking boots are buying overrepparttar 145406 Internet. You will be comfortable choosingrepparttar 145407 right boots for your right. Different kind of boots will be displayed in different Website, and you can find what boots best for your interest. You are going to get more boots which you can compare.

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