Driving Lessons

Written by William Shand

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Choosing this option means you can spreadrepparttar costs of tuition and take as long as you need.

Intensive driving lessons

Many people however opt for an intensive driving course after they successfully completerepparttar 150045 theory test. This option is probablyrepparttar 150046 most cost effective method of obtaining your full Driving licence. Choosing an intensive course means that you will learn to drive in a short period of time, there are various durations of intensive courses available inrepparttar 150047 UK, andrepparttar 150048 one you choose will depend on how much driving experience you have.

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The Art deco car of the year is !

Written by Aris Vrakas

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The ultra modern body,repparttar stark lines,repparttar 150044 roaring engines BMW packs into these cars - it all brings back those parts of Miami we've seen, only on nostalgic movies forrepparttar 150045 past decades.

It's not just jewellery, architecture, fashion and posters. Art deco is inrepparttar 150046 streets today. Look atrepparttar 150047 vintage 1933 Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow, The Cord,repparttar 150048 1938 Delahaye, The Morgan Aeromax GT coupe,repparttar 150049 Jaguar Mark V, The BMW series 6!

Retro has always been a strong influence inrepparttar 150050 car industry world-wide, and we hope to see many more cars to come and bring some of that 20's 30's 50's magic back.

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