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Written by John Boe

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Workers want to be in charge, they seek power and control. They often appear to others as pushy and insensitive. The Worker’s motto is, “If I wanted your opinion, I would have given it to you.” Workers are risk takers and pride themselves on making quick decisions. Under pressure they will work harder and may lose their temper. When they get angry, their pattern is to blow up like a volcano and then get over their anger quickly. They dislike small talk. Whenrepparttar Worker is around an expressive Talker, they tend to view them as “all talk and no action” or as they say in Texas, “big hat and no cattle!” Workers are impatient and extremely time sensitive. Legendary football coach Vince Lombardy displayed classic Worker traits and was known for his time sensitivity. Coach Lombardy had a personal habit of setting his watch fifteen minutes early. When Lombardy scheduled a meeting, any player or assistant coach that wasn’t ready to go fifteen minutes early was considered late for that meeting!

Physically, Workers are large, powerful people with broad shoulders. When you think of a Worker, think of people like, John Wayne, Pete Rose, Bea Arthur, Jim Brown, Joseph Stalin, Bobby Knight, O.J. Simpson, George C. Scott, George S. Patton, Janet Reno, Vince Lombardy, Mean Joe Green and Mike Tyson.

Worker’s Positive Traits

Confident - Self-reliant - Decisive - Determined - Independent - Practical

Worker’s Negative Traits

Domineering - Aggressive - Insensitive - Impatient - Controlling - Demanding

Worker Behaviors

1. Appears confident and in control. 2. Acts first and thinks later. 3. Ignores small talk. 4. May become angry in traffic or other tie-ups. 5. Respects high achievers. 6. Always plays to win. 7. Believes that “The ends justifyrepparttar 126350 means.”

How Workers Can Improve

1. Go out of your way to be friendly. 2. Try not to dominate and control. 3. Share power by delegating responsibilities. 4. Don’t shout when you feel angry. 5. Enjoy people, not just work. 6. Value kindness and gentleness. Give credit where credit is due.

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The Gift of Gab

Written by John Boe

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Talkers love an audience and seek to berepparttar center of attention. Others often view this need for approval and attention as egotistical and self-centered. The typical Talker’s motto is, “Enough about me - what do you think about me?” Talkers are friendly, enthusiastic, impulsive and social. They tend to be emotional and demonstrative and as a result wear their feelings on their sleeve. Under pressure, they will talk faster than normal and may deny reality. The impulsive Talker likes status things and are known as power shoppers. It is not uncommon for them to go shopping in order to lift their spirits. The Talker/Thinker profile enjoysrepparttar 126349 latest gadgets and is usually interested in science fiction.

Physically, Talkers tend to have a barrel chest, stocky build and a large head. Talkers are typically ”couch potatoes” and need routine exercise to stay in shape. Due to their sedentary life style they are prone to gain weight and find it difficult to keep off. It is not unusual forrepparttar 126350 Talker to have bags under their eyes and a recessed chin. When you think of a Talker think of Bill Clinton, Drew Carey, Oprah Winfrey, Rosie O’Donnell, Dolly Pardon, Bill Cosby, Ronald Reagan, John Candy, Cybill Shepherd, Mohammed Ali, Phil Donahue, John Belushi, Richard Dreyfuss, and Newt Gingretch. While not all Talkers will have a dimple in their chin, it has been my observation that anyone that does have a dimple is automaticallyrepparttar 126351 Talker/Thinker/Worker/Watcher profile. Ofrepparttar 126352 six primary Talker profiles, this profile isrepparttar 126353 most dramatic, expressive, creative, formal and moody. Some well-known Talkers with a dimple in their chin are; John Trivolta, Terry Bradshaw, Jesse Ventura, Chevy Chase, Joe Namath, and Kirk Douglas.

Talker’s Positive Traits

Sociable – Generous – Optimistic – Enthusiastic – Persuasive – Articulate

Talker’s Negative Traits

Unorganized – Egotistical – Impulsive – Self-Absorbed – Emotional - Lazy

Talker Behaviors

1. Exhibits a carefree demeanor. 2. Interrupts others while they are speaking. 3. Easily distracted. 4. Dislike for dealing with details. 5. Can juggle numerous tasks at once. 6. Extremely creative and spontaneous. 7. Needs excitement, adventure and thrills.

How Talkers Can Improve

1. Don’t try so hard to be liked. 2. Be cheerful without overdoing it. 3. Talk less and listen more – don’t interrupt. 4. Follow directions carefully. 5. Be more accurate. 6. Don’t make promises that you can’t keep. 7. Develop a more serious work ethic.

John Boe, based in Monterey, CA, helps companies recruit, train and motivate top-quality people. To view his online Video Demo or to have John Boe speak at your next event, visit or call (831) 375-3668.

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