Drive FREE targeted traffic to your site using eBay

Written by Albert Z

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So what do you do if you want traffic from eBay?? The main methods are 2:

1. You set up an eBay store, a new domain with ONLY ebay listings on it, gather some buyer information from eBay, then turn your domain to an online store (maybe sacrificing your eBay account if you really want to keeprepparttar link and play dirty)


2. You set up an eBay store, then you write a custom ABOUT ME page (on eBay) with a subscription box for your store/site's newsletter (this is perfecly legal even if your store is stand-alone and sells its own products, since people are opting in). This is more honest in my opinion as it doesnt' break any ebay policy rule and gives good results onrepparttar 138937 long run. My advice is that you offer something free with your newsletter, then place a link in every ebay listing saying something like "Visit my About Me page and download your free ebook now!!" (click this link, it's my About Me page!!)

That's guaranteed to get a lot of very targeted traffic to your website (since people searchedrepparttar 138938 keywords through ebay's own search engine, they're already interested in your products) and it's free, legal, and in my opinion just i n t e l l i g e n t ;)


Albert Z,

Albert Z has been successfully selling e-books on both eBay and since 2004, he has experience in web designing, marketing, promoting and copywriting.

The MLM Dilemma

Written by Steve Lowell

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A good automated system will walkrepparttar prospect throughrepparttar 138809 following steps:

1. Attention: I have found thatrepparttar 138810 best way to catch attention is to reducerepparttar 138811 flashiness ofrepparttar 138812 presentation. The best attention grabbing tool is a very well written introduction abut YOU,repparttar 138813 marketer.

2. Interest: Maintainrepparttar 138814 prospects interest by providing something with which they can relate. Claims of riches tend to alienate most qualified prospects who are not interested inrepparttar 138815 hype…they are interested in content. Your system needs to provide strong content which allowsrepparttar 138816 prospect feel that they know you a little.

3. Education: The prospect should learned something new. Some actual valuable information that makes them understand that you have a legitimate business opportunity. Education regarding Network Marketing would be best because it can help you pre-qualify your prospect and eliminate that “pyramid” objection.

4. Desire: Byrepparttar 138817 end ofrepparttar 138818 presentation, your prospect should want more information from you. If your system gives away to much information,repparttar 138819 prospect will have no reason to speak with you again.

This is where most people droprepparttar 138820 ball, especially when using automated systems. Most people think that their on-line system is going to dorepparttar 138821 recruiting for them.

I have seen many times when a marketer considersrepparttar 138822 flash presentation on their company website to be their entire automated prospecting system. The problem with this is thatrepparttar 138823 company website gives awayrepparttar 138824 entire story and rarely leavesrepparttar 138825 prospect in a state of desire. The prospect can make a final decision without ever having to get to knowrepparttar 138826 marketer. This putsrepparttar 138827 company, product, or compensation plan inrepparttar 138828 forefront ofrepparttar 138829 prospect’s mind, instead ofrepparttar 138830 exciting potential ofrepparttar 138831 Network Marketing business itself.

A strong automated prospecting system is just that…a prospecting system, not a recruiting system. We can not exclude personal relationship building fromrepparttar 138832 Network Marketing equation. Which brings us torepparttar 138833 second requirement for success in Network Marketing…training.

Training is perhapsrepparttar 138834 most neglected part of our business. Rule number one is that you should never ever lead with your company, your product or your compensation plan...the reason is very simple...NO ONE CARES!!! Here's why...

When you lead with your business, your products, your opportunity or your comp plan, you are talking about what is important to YOU, not torepparttar 138835 prospect. They might listen to you out of courtesy or respect for you, and you might sign up a few people alongrepparttar 138836 way, but your chances of building a solid business inrepparttar 138837 manner are slim because this approach is not “duplicateable” by most people.

In order forrepparttar 138838 prospecting process to be effective, you really must build a relationship with your prospect before you introduce your company. This can be done using a combination of your automated system and personal follow-up.

Network Marketing success requires that you deploy a balance of properly designed automation, and training on how to develop a personal relationship withrepparttar 138839 prospect.

Ifrepparttar 138840 automated system is properly designed, andrepparttar 138841 training is effective in teachingrepparttar 138842 basics, thenrepparttar 138843 average person can do exceptionally well in Network Marketing.

Steve Lowell is president of SJ Lowell Inc. in Ottawa, Ontario Canada; a business consulting firm and founder of The MLM Executive Round Table at Contact by email at or go to

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