Dress to Impress

Written by Marisa Pellegrino

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A Dab Will Do You.

Do you rememberrepparttar last time you were walking downrepparttar 138873 street and almost got whiplash because someone passed by you with an overwhelming smell? Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses, which leads us to rule number three: always remember to smell good. Some smells take us back to childhood and others remind us of something very specific. The same applies to your cologne. But why is cologne used inrepparttar 138874 first place? Its purpose is twofold: it becomes your “signature” andrepparttar 138875 sense of smell is heightened when things start getting hot and heavy. Again, less is more. No need to drown yourself withrepparttar 138876 stuff, keep in mind that when it comes to cologne, a little goes a long way. The best places to apply your signature arerepparttar 138877 inside of your wrists, your neck, and even your chest.

Attention to Detail

Sometimes it’srepparttar 138878 little things that make a difference and rule number four reminds you to pay attention to detail. We all know women have an eye forrepparttar 138879 minute andrepparttar 138880 slightest thing can turn us off. Sorepparttar 138881 solution is simple boys, don’t overlookrepparttar 138882 small stuff. Just like women like carpenters, some women also think scruffy is sexy, but on your first date, go withrepparttar 138883 clean shaven look to be safe. And not only are you going to brush your teeth, you’re also going to break outrepparttar 138884 dental floss for this one just to be extra safe. Make sure your hair is neat and doesn’t hold an entire bottle of product in it. Remember to clean those nails. You may look like a man’s man with dirty nails, but it’s a turn off for women. Finally, keeprepparttar 138885 accessories to a minimum. You can wear your watch and necklace or a ring but that’s it. If you’re wearing more jewelry than your date then we could have a problem!

Of course, not all women arerepparttar 138886 same but most will agree that less is more when making a good first impression. So rememberrepparttar 138887 four simple rules: don’t dress like you’re going to watchrepparttar 138888 game at a buddy’s house or like you’re about to walk downrepparttar 138889 runway; smell great and put inrepparttar 138890 effort to care ofrepparttar 138891 details. You’re sure to have plenty of second, third, and fourth dates!

Marisa Pellegrino is freelance journalist and a writer for a Montreal radio show called Passion, a program about dating, relationships, and sex. She is also the writer/webmaster for Dating Ideas (www.dating-idea.com) a website with advice about dating and relationships.

How You Can Use Film/Television To Unleash The Courage Within

Written by Gabriel Daniels

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Cowards can never be moral.

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

Some may feel thatrepparttar last quote by Gandhi above is a bit harsh, butrepparttar 138752 point is clear: cowardice is a bad and undesirable quality. It’s something we don’t want.

What we want is to be more in touch withrepparttar 138753 courage within, so that we can reach our highest potential, achieve more in life, and make a positive contribution to society.

With that in mind, I would like to share with you a technique on how to use film or television to help unleashrepparttar 138754 courage within. (Byrepparttar 138755 way, you can use this technique whether a show is based on a true story or not.)

You see, it’s not so much “what” you watch, but “how” you watch.

What do I mean by this? (You’ll understand in a minute.)

Basically,repparttar 138756 technique goes like this:

Just before watching any show that has characters who exemplify courage (of course, nearly all shows have them), give a direct command to your subconscious mind to reinforce “courage” in your being every time you see and feel it duringrepparttar 138757 show.

What you are doing is establishing a clear objective/purpose for watchingrepparttar 138758 show—in advance (something a lot of us don’t normally do).

For example, just before a show starts, sayrepparttar 138759 following to your subconscious mind (internally—not aloud):

“John/Jane (or whatever your name is), reinforce courage in my being each time I see and feel it.”

(Tip: I found that it’s best to give your subconscious mind a name—usually “your” name—since you’re merely talking to another part of yourself. Also, when you give your subconscious mind a command, or an instruction, trust fully that it will carry it out. Avoid doubt at all costs. Belief is very powerful.)

What this technique does is reinforcesrepparttar 138760 “feeling” of courage in your nervous system.

When you make it a habit of doing this, with allrepparttar 138761 shows you watch (we’re talking aboutrepparttar 138762 shows that include courageous characters, of course—again, nearly all do), you’ll notice a positive change in your life. Inrepparttar 138763 beginning,repparttar 138764 change may be subtle, but as time goes by, it will become more obvious.

Byrepparttar 138765 way, this can be used for any trait/quality you want to reinforce in your being (ex. love, sense of justice, etc.).

For example, if you wish to reinforce many qualities in your being in one sitting, just say:

“John/Jane (or whatever your name is), reinforce courage, love, and compassion (add as many qualities as you wish) in my being each time I see and feel them.”

(In fact, if there’s a particular show you like, one that has a role model of courage—you may want to accessrepparttar 138766 DVD/VHS of that show and watch it several times, while applying this technique. It would be even better if you could fast forwardrepparttar 138767 DVD/VHS and go straight torepparttar 138768 “specific scenes” where you felt couragerepparttar 138769 strongest. That way, you don’t have to watchrepparttar 138770 whole show all over again. Besides, you already know howrepparttar 138771 story goes.)

As you can see, this technique can be highly beneficial, since you will not be watching shows forrepparttar 138772 sole purpose of being entertained. Instead, you will also be watching forrepparttar 138773 purpose of reinforcing a highly desirable quality, such as courage, in your being.

As time goes by, you'll be more and more in touch withrepparttar 138774 courage within. It will be unleashed more naturally and automatically when you need it.

Gabriel Daniels publishes Confidence & Courage Tips...To Help You Realize Your Dreams. For tips, strategies, stories, quotes, and more... to empower and inspire you to take action...so you can get what you want out of life, visit his website at: http://confidencetips.blogspot.com (For article reprint details, please check the website’s License Information section.)

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