Dreams or Dreamers? Part One

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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There are serious students ofrepparttar occult who doubt entirelyrepparttar 122229 occult significance of dreams, and it must be granted that no good reason exists for classing them generally withrepparttar 122230 vision, or a condition of 'second sight' or ecstasy." (11)

The amount of time we live in our dream state is substantial and there are many things we can work upon in our dreams. To regard it as occult is somewhat foolish. If one learns and achieves things that are of value, should be a higher concern. Truly some probably can gain tap-ins throughrepparttar 122231 dream state, especially if they become adept at conscious dreaming and astral travel. To say it is supernatural is an appeal to ignorance. There is no such thing as 'super'-natural - it is all a matter of what we can't explain. Dream work and Yoga's 'soft focus' have answered or made sense of many things that mental blocks due to over- intellectualization might create. There are ways to become conscious and effective in dreams andrepparttar 122232 overall experiencing of life - that is how I prefer to think of it, rather than a psychic developmental thing. Psychic aspects of life usually have a more physical component. If our soul is what counts then what we interpret fromrepparttar 122233 physical duringrepparttar 122234 sorting out process of dream reality might be more important than what happens duringrepparttar 122235 waking state.

"Dreams and Psychical Phenomena

Dreams of a supernormal character fall withinrepparttar 122236 purview of psychical research. The dividing line between normal and supernormal dreams is not easy to draw. Subconscious elaboration often presents supernormal affects.

Goethe solved many definite scientific problems in his dreams and also composed poems. So did La Fontaine compose The Fable of Pleasures and Coleridge Kubla Khan. Bernhard Palissy made one of his most beautiful ceramic pieces on dream inspiration. Maury confessed: ‘I have had in dream ideas an inspiration that could never have entered my consciousness when awake.' Tartini heard his Sonate del Diavolo played by Beelzebub in a dream. Holde composed La Phantasie in his sleep, Nodier's 'Lydia' was similarly born. R. L. Stevenson's most ingenious plots were evolved inrepparttar 122237 dream state. Kruder, Corda and Maignan solved mathematical problems in dream, Condillac finished an interrupted lecture.

A dream of Professor Agassiz is frequently quoted. He had been for two weeks striving to decipherrepparttar 122238 somewhat obscure impressions of a fossil fish onrepparttar 122239 stone slab in which it was preserved. It was found impossible. In his dream he sawrepparttar 122240 fish with allrepparttar 122241 missing features perfectly restored. The image escaped him on awakening. He went torepparttar 122242 Jardin des Plantes inrepparttar 122243 hope that an association withrepparttar 122244 fossil would recapture it. No such thing happened. Next night he again dreamed ofrepparttar 122245 fish and inrepparttar 122246 morningrepparttar 122247 features ofrepparttar 122248 fish were as elusive as ever. Forrepparttar 122249 third night he placed paper and pencil near his bed. Towardsrepparttar 122250 morningrepparttar 122251 fish again appeared in his dream. Half dreaming, half awake he tracedrepparttar 122252 outlines inrepparttar 122253 darkness as best he could. On full awakening he was surprised to see details in his nocturnal sketch, features which he thought impossible. He hastened torepparttar 122254 Jardins des Plantes, began to chisel onrepparttar 122255 surface ofrepparttar 122256 stone, takingrepparttar 122257 sketch as a guide and to his surprise he foundrepparttar 122258 hidden portions ofrepparttar 122259 fish as indicated inrepparttar 122260 drawing." (12)

I am not convinced this is dream state work. The early and late REM sleep is more akin to Beta brainwave relaxation. With bio-feedback and its creative state some ad agents like those at McDonald's have used this state to make and test ads. Hank Wesselman has been studied byrepparttar 122261 University of Illinois and he is even more able to reachrepparttar 122262 40 MGHZ brainwave state than psychic healers and yogis. He is a person who was part ofrepparttar 122263 anthropological or archaeological team that found Lucy and his gift was brought out by his wife who is a shamanic teacher. It is possible to generate this kind of state while taking exams (I've often done it.) and good marks often come. Those who stay in alpha state and experience tension and pressure or stress are less able to recall, create or integrate. Intuition is also often mistaken as psychic. There can be a component of it, and as Mr. Shepard notes it is often a fine line between some of these concepts. Thus you are able to see that I am not a believer in unexplainable phenomena, rather I think we are simply not able to explain it in every case because we are learning or are presently ignorant.

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Dreams or Dreamers? Part Two

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Lost objects are frequently found in dreams. In most cases subconscious memory sufficiently explainsrepparttar mystery. There are, however, more complicated types. Hercules appeared. {Herakles, a De Danaan or Danaus, is an actual historic personage ofrepparttar 122228 lineage claimed by Ptolemy in Manetho's somewhat questionable history of Egypt.} in a dream to Sophocles and indicated where a stolen crown would be found. Sophocles gotrepparttar 122229 reward which was promised torepparttar 122230 finder.

The supernormal character isrepparttar 122231 clearest in telepathic and prophetic dreams. They usually produce an impression lasting for days. Sweating and trembling is often noticeable on waking from a dream of this character. They tend, too, to be repeated. One ofrepparttar 122232 best authenticated cases of prophetic dreams announcedrepparttar 122233 murder of Chancellor Perceval. It was thus narrated by Abercrombie: 'Many years ago there was mentioned in several ofrepparttar 122234 newspapers a dream which gave notice ofrepparttar 122235 murder of Mr. Perceval. Throughrepparttar 122236 kindness of an eminent medical friend in England I have receivedrepparttar 122237 authentic particulars of this remarkable case, fromrepparttar 122238 gentleman to whomrepparttar 122239 dream occurred. He resides in Cornwall, and eight days beforerepparttar 122240 murder was committed, dreamt that he was inrepparttar 122241 lobby of The House of Commons, and saw a small man enter, dressed in a blue coat and white waistcoat. Immediately after, he saw a man dressed in a brown coat with yellow basket metal buttons draw a pistol from under his coat, and discharge it atrepparttar 122242 former, who instantly fell;repparttar 122243 blood issued from a wound a little belowrepparttar 122244 left breast. He sawrepparttar 122245 murderer seized by some gentlemen who were present, and observed his countenance; and on asking whorepparttar 122246 gentleman was that had been shot, he was told that it wasrepparttar 122247 Chancellor. He then awoke, and mentionedrepparttar 122248 dream to his wife, who made light of it; but inrepparttar 122249 course ofrepparttar 122250 nightrepparttar 122251 dream occurred three times withoutrepparttar 122252 least variation in any ofrepparttar 122253 circumstances. He was now so much impressed by it, that he felt much inclined to give notice to Mr. Perceval, but was dissuaded by some friends whom he consulted, who assured him that he would only get himself treated as a fanatic. Onrepparttar 122254 evening ofrepparttar 122255 eighth day after, he receivedrepparttar 122256 account ofrepparttar 122257 murder. Being in London a short time after, he found inrepparttar 122258 print-shops a representation ofrepparttar 122259 scene, and recognised in itrepparttar 122260 countenance and dresses ofrepparttar 122261 parties,repparttar 122262 blood on Mr. Perceval's waistcoat, andrepparttar 122263 yellow basket buttons on Bellingham's coat, precisely as he had seen them in his dreams.'

Prof. Richet quoted a remarkable predictive dream of Mgr. Joseph de Lanyi, Bishop of Nagyvarad. He dreamed onrepparttar 122264 morning of June 28, 1914, at 4 a.m. of seeing a black-edged letter on his study table bearingrepparttar 122265 arms ofrepparttar 122266 Archduke Frederic. The Bishop was professor of Hungarian language torepparttar 122267 Archduke. In his dream he openedrepparttar 122268 letter and at its head saw a street into which an alley opened. The Archduke was seated in a motor car with his wife; facing him was a general and another officer byrepparttar 122269 side ofrepparttar 122270 chauffeur. There was a crowd aboutrepparttar 122271 car and fromrepparttar 122272 crowd two young men stepped forward and fired onrepparttar 122273 royal couple. The text ofrepparttar 122274 letter ran: 'Your Eminence, dear Dr. Lanyi, my wife and I have been victims of a political crime at Sarajevo, June 28, 1914, 4 a.m.' 'Then,' stated Mgr. de Lanyi, 'I woke up trembling; I saw thatrepparttar 122275 time was 4:30 a.m. and I wrote down my dream reproducingrepparttar 122276 characters that had appeared to me inrepparttar 122277 Archduke’s letter…” (13)

Of course most of these are mere anecdotal references, even ifrepparttar 122278 last one is a political event of great import and intrigue. The bottom line is that there are interesting things to explore andrepparttar 122279 facts when presented in advance can't be put down to mere hit and miss luck by people accustomed to making prophecies. Many are they who I've met and heard about such things asrepparttar 122280 clock stopping when their mother died, etc. It won't matter much for me to say that these things happen according to real science that most scientists are in 'denial' about, at this juncture; but I hope they are enough to openrepparttar 122281 mind torepparttar 122282 possibilities that will continue to be presented from all facets of life experience.


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