Dreams and Creating

Written by White Feather

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is through joy. Allrepparttar universes big and small can be entered through their own vibrational patterns of joy. Universes await your visits, which are made possible by aligning with that vibrational pattern of joy. All it takes is an adjustment in our vibratory frequency and we can visitrepparttar 122119 universe held inrepparttar 122120 head of a pin, orrepparttar 122121 universe that holdsrepparttar 122122 universe that holdsrepparttar 122123 universe that you are in. There are countless universes going on right now inrepparttar 122124 very space that you are in. Like a radio, we only need to adjustrepparttar 122125 frequency to tune in to any of these universes. To turnrepparttar 122126 dial, we must first be aware ofrepparttar 122127 frequency in which we operate. We cannot let go of that frequency if we are not even aware of it. We are afraid, though, to let go of our frequency, for we are afraid we will not be able to get back. But to get back, we merely have to turnrepparttar 122128 dial back, and that is easy because our intense focus on our present dimension creates a default setting for our consciousness to come back to. We visit other dimensions in our sleep every day, yet we are not generally afraid of not coming back.

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I Finally understand

Written by Theresa Chaze

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The same can be said about offspring. Whether you call them a fetus or baby,repparttar only thingrepparttar 122118 parents create is a body forrepparttar 122119 Divinely created soul to wear. In a collaborated effort,repparttar 122120 parents and incoming soul create a body that will be a genetically and gender compatible vehicle forrepparttar 122121 soul to enterrepparttar 122122 school of life. The process is a delicate balance of chemical and bioelectrical changes, which at any point could mismatch andrepparttar 122123 pregnancy fail. Many timesrepparttar 122124 soul is not ready either because it is too young or damaged from a previous life to bring it to term. Sometimesrepparttar 122125 soul realizes thatrepparttar 122126 parents orrepparttar 122127 body are no longer suitable for what it needs to experience. Onrepparttar 122128 flip side,repparttar 122129 mother hasrepparttar 122130 right to decide her own destiny. If she chooses not to carry to term for whatever reason, she terminatesrepparttar 122131 agreement andrepparttar 122132 soul is free to move on to find another suitable body to inhabit. Nothing but an empty shell has died. To carry this thought further, all souls are independent beings with their own lessons and destinies to follow. Just because parents createrepparttar 122133 bodyrepparttar 122134 soul inhabits does not give them ownership ofrepparttar 122135 soul inside. So many parents believe they ownrepparttar 122136 children they have “created”; acting as if it is their right, they try forcingrepparttar 122137 child to fit into their pre-conceived notions and beliefs. They seerepparttar 122138 child as an extension of themselves instead an individual. Instead of beingrepparttar 122139 guides and guardians, they try to live through their children. Instead of fostering individualism and independent thought inrepparttar 122140 child, they do their best to force her or him to followrepparttar 122141 same path--to act, look, and believerepparttar 122142 same as ifrepparttar 122143 child was merely an clone ofrepparttar 122144 parent. But even when cloning does become possible,repparttar 122145 offspring created will not berepparttar 122146 same asrepparttar 122147 parent becauserepparttar 122148 soul inside will be different. As with identical twins, clones will look a likerepparttar 122149 parent, butrepparttar 122150 soul inside will be an individual with separate needs and desires. Again I ask what isrepparttar 122151 fuss about? It is Terri Schiavo’s time to leave, but her parents will see her again whether they believe in heaven or reincarnation. Abortion terminates unwanted bodies, whilerepparttar 122152 soul continues on. No one is ever truly lost because souls are Divinely created and immortal. Bodies die; souls move on.

Theresa Chaze is a fully dedicated Wiccan Priestess. Her first novel, Dragon's New Home--The Beginning of the Dragon Clan Trilogy is now available. It is based on her philosophy that all people can live together in peace as long as they come from respect. She invites you to visit her site at: "http://www.geocities.com/tirgana/Tirgana.html"

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