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If you do not want to spend your weekends maintaining a yard, turn part of it into a wildflower garden. Depending on where you live, this could be a prairie, desert landscape, or alpine garden. Check on local zoning ordinances. Some communities have not yet recognizedrepparttar value of "native landscaping" and may consider this a nuisance area. If you want a more maintained yard, consider ground covers instead of grass and use mulch to control weeds in foundation plantings and flower beds.

When selecting plants, make sure they are adapted to your area. Consider bothrepparttar 145179 minimum and maximum temperatures, amount of moisture, amount of sunlight, and soil characteristics. Ask yourself: Do you want an annual that will need replanting every year or a perennial that comes up year after year? Do you want cut flowers for inside your home or to give to friends?

Consider native plants. They are usually better adapted to local conditions and need little maintenance. Be cautious about introducing exotic species such as purple loosestrife that will become invasive and is prohibited in many states.

Above all, choose what you like. There is an enormous variety of plants that will provide food and shelter to a wide variety of wildlife. With a little planning, you andrepparttar 145180 local wildlife can both enjoyrepparttar 145181 yard of your dreams.

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Choosing Garden Furniture

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Protection fromrepparttar sun is somethingrepparttar 145178 gardener should be conscious of and what better way to relax in your garden, than to add a hammock to a shady area inrepparttar 145179 garden. Remember, that you do not necessarily need to obliging trees as you can fastenrepparttar 145180 hammock to two four by four posts that are cemented intorepparttar 145181 ground or for a quick solution, you could purchase a hammock stand.

Some people prefer to just soak uprepparttar 145182 sun and for those peoplerepparttar 145183 ideal items of furniture are sun loungers on your patio or deck.

Indeed, a patio or deck doesn't look finished if it is bare of furniture. A patio is complemented well by either wooden, plastic or metal patio furniture. There should have no problems locatingrepparttar 145184 right pieces for your garden patio and be sure to consider a patio heater. A heater can extend your use ofrepparttar 145185 garden both daily and seasonly.

Finally, as you wander throughrepparttar 145186 garden beds, you will find that there are certain places that are ideal to linger in and ponder. These places are ideal spots for benches or a couple of chairs and a side table. You also may want to add a decorative garden bench to any area in your garden that is a bit bland or in need of a focal point.

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