Dream Bigger!

Written by Kevin Eikenberry

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When we dream bigger as leaders we create a powerfully motivating energy that can lead an organization, a department or a team forward with amazing speed. We create new more powerful expectations for those around us and ourselves when we . . .

Dream Bigger!

And while we are leaders, providing guidance and vision to others, it is important that we rememberrepparttar lesson ourselves. Dream about greater joy. Dream about higher heights. Dream about results greater than you have imagined. We need to invest in ourselves as we invest in others. This means investing inrepparttar 146915 knowledge, skills, awareness and ideas to help us reach those ever bigger dreams.

So you see, it is more than two words, it is an opportunity, an imperative, a philosophy.

Your job is to Dream Bigger and help others reach their dreams.

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Do You Have Terminal Brain Cloud?

Written by Dave Cole

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The minute he said he would jump intorepparttar volcano, his life and lifestyle immediately changed, much forrepparttar 146914 better.

Joe was controlled by his fear, by his situation, by his boss, byrepparttar 146915 pursuit of a couple of dollars a week.

Do You and I Have a Brain Cloud?

You and I are either going to be controlled or we are going to berepparttar 146916 one doingrepparttar 146917 controlling in our lives.

We can be controlled by many things such as: money financial situations family marriage work fears anger health or physical weight drugs alcohol drive for success religious viewpoints superstitions

With each situation, we can be controlled byrepparttar 146918 situation or we can choose to not be. This is a conscious choice that we alone make, and we make it hundreds of times every day.

Is a situation or other person dictating to you how you are going to think, feel or act?

Every choice, every situation is met only inrepparttar 146919 present moment.

It is in that moment that you and you alone haverepparttar 146920 power to makerepparttar 146921 choice to be at peace with this or to let this situation/person allow you to be angered or upset or controlled by it.

Being in control of your own life begins with makingrepparttar 146922 conscious decision to berepparttar 146923 master of your own destiny.

Joe re-gained control of his life. It took a wake up call that he was going to die for Joe to wake up and live.

Dr. Ellison said to him, "You only have a short time to live, I suggest you live it well."

Joe, like many of us, had terminal brain cloud. His brain was clouded by fear. That fear affected everything Joe did in his life. That brain cloud controlled Joe's life and was slowly destroying Joe.

We all only have a short time left to live. We can liverepparttar 146924 rest of our lives being controlled by something else, or we can live life beingrepparttar 146925 one doingrepparttar 146926 controlling.

It takes courage. Just like Joe..... you and I already have that courage within us. We were born with it.

It is in our power to discover that who we really are has nothing to fear, but that we make yourself fearful each time we look outside of ourselves for some power to make us feel fearless.

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