Draught Proofing Your Home

Written by Garry John

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The most common area for draughts is a door. Not only is there often a gap betweenrepparttar door and its frame, but doors can also have cat flaps, keyholes and letterboxes. Modern doors and their frames have been built with excluding draughts in mind, but older doors are much vulnerable. You should look at draught proofing any holes or gaps aroundrepparttar 139619 door or indeed inrepparttar 139620 door such as cat flaps. An alternative is a draught excluder, which can be stretched alongrepparttar 139621 bottom ofrepparttar 139622 door whererepparttar 139623 draughts are more likely to come from.

If you have an integral garage then this is an area, which can letrepparttar 139624 cold and draughts into your property. You should not only draught proofrepparttar 139625 internal door torepparttar 139626 garage but alsorepparttar 139627 garage door itself. The best style of garage doors for keeping draughts down arerepparttar 139628 roller and sectional garage doors. These fit snugly onto tracks fitted ontorepparttar 139629 side ofrepparttar 139630 garage, unlikerepparttar 139631 up and over garage door orrepparttar 139632 more traditional side hung door.

So, these are just some ofrepparttar 139633 areas to attack when looking reduce draught and retainrepparttar 139634 warmth in your home.

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Choosing A New Floor

Written by Garry John

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What'srepparttar moisture level? Isrepparttar 139618 floor likely to get wet or isrepparttar 139619 room naturally 'damp'?

Some floors just aren't suited for damp areas. A basement playroom with a high moisture content, or a bathroom are seldom candidates for a solid wood floor, though there are some choices in wood laminates that might work if finished properly. Instead, you might choose slate or ceramic tiles with area rugs forrepparttar 139620 bathroom for a dramatic look that wipes up well and keeps its gloss for years.

What's your personal style? What mood do you want in your room?

Want a luxurious feel? A thick pile rug over polished wood is a classic, elegant look that is pure luxury. A floor to accent a spare, modern style? Stone or slate, polished to a high sheen is a beautiful backdrop for leather and steel furniture and ascetic lines. A wooden parquet floor can be a dramatic focal point in an open foyer, or can lend a touch of Continental elegance to a formal living room. Wooden floors can hit any mood from rustic to royal, andrepparttar 139621 choices of color, pattern and style in vinyl or ceramic tiles can fit any active room in your home.

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