Drakensberg Diaries. Chute and Shoot to Thrill. Canoe in the Drakensberg Foothills through the Weenen Game Reserve in South Africa.

Written by Brian Kemp

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There’s a driverless boat behind you. This isrepparttar drinks trolley. And very welcome it is too. At around lunchtime you’ll come upon a feast spread out on a group of rocks next torepparttar 150080 canal. Scotch eggs, asparagus wrapped in ham, chicken wings, quiche, salad, fruit, and cheese. The lunch fairy’s been and gone.

After lunch you move intorepparttar 150081 Weenen Game Reserve. The sharp, mountainous Drakensberg terrain has given way to undulating thornveld valleys. The canal rejoins a now fairly sluggish and narrow Bushman’s River. You need to paddle a little, and duck underrepparttar 150082 odd tree as you drift through a spectacular gorge. There’s a huge diversity of bird life and antelope. Buffalo and black and white rhino. Being onrepparttar 150083 water means you’re less noticeable, and less of a threat torepparttar 150084 bird-life andrepparttar 150085 animals. So you can get close without startling them. And you don’t need a $10000 lens.

Once throughrepparttar 150086 Game Reserve, you disembark just beforerepparttar 150087 main road into Weenen withrepparttar 150088 tall thatching grass glowing orange inrepparttar 150089 fading light. Your river guides have arranged transport back to your starting point.

This is different.

Zingela Safari and River Company (+27363541962) organize this day-trip. And it’s only available inrepparttar 150090 winter months. Duringrepparttar 150091 summer they userepparttar 150092 rising levels ofrepparttar 150093 mighty Tugela River (which also has its source inrepparttar 150094 high Drakensberg) to operate white-water rafting adventures.

Brian & Janette Kemp own and run an award winning Drakensberg accommodation establishment. Halls Country House is a 4-star country retreat in the foothills of the Drakensberg in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

Travel Germany: Oktoberfest

Written by Jean Sutherland

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Officially, Oktoberfest starts when Munich’s mayor, known in German asrepparttar Oberbürgermeister, tapsrepparttar 150061 first beer keg and yells O'zapft is! (meaning, literally, “it’s tapped!”) at noon onrepparttar 150062 first Saturday ofrepparttar 150063 event; travelers from aroundrepparttar 150064 world come just to see this! And as always in German culture, everything has a name, and this date is no exception; travelers will hearrepparttar 150065 first day of Oktoberfest called Wiesn-Samstag. Nowadays,repparttar 150066 festivities start on a Saturday in September, and end onrepparttar 150067 first Sunday in October.

Families aren’t left out ofrepparttar 150068 loop either atrepparttar 150069 festivities; travelers torepparttar 150070 German Oktoberfest can attendrepparttar 150071 two Tuesday afternoon events designated just for families, called Familiennachmittagen. From 12:00 to 6:00 on these days, German travelers can take advantage of special prices for public transportation and entry rates as well.

Since Oktoberfest is held in Munich,repparttar 150072 language primarily used is Barisich. Because this Bavarian dialect is a bit strange, travelers to Germany and Germans alike sometimes have a hard time understandingrepparttar 150073 die bairische Sprache (Bavarian dialect), so it’s a great idea to brush up a bit on your terms before heading torepparttar 150074 event. This link will help you learn some ofrepparttar 150075 more familiar words you’ll encounter on your travels to Gemany’s Oktoberfest, as well as Bavarian words used onrepparttar 150076 streets to help you navigate your journey. http://oktoberfest.sat1.de/en/.

Jean Sutherland is the owner of the informative website http://www.spasoftheworld.com/europe/germany.htm & http://www.spasoftheworld.com/spas/index.html She has worked in the travel industry for over 10 years and lived in Mexico for 3 years. Please also look at the Mexican Animal Shelter site she supports. http://www.anitasanimals.com

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