Dr. Kun Kim Announces New Website

Written by Sara Goldstein

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Dr. Kim, who graduated from Emory University School of Medicine, focuses his practice mainly on Asian cosmetic surgery, with which he has extensive experience. He is a member ofrepparttar American Medical Association, Metro Atlanta Otolaryngology Society, andrepparttar 150988 Medical Association of Georgia. With his new website, he will be able to reach out to a larger spectrum of patients in Atlanta Georgia. The website also provides general plastic surgery resources for people just needing more information about a specific procedure.

For more information regarding cosmetic surgeons in Atlanta Georgia, please click here.

What You Need To Know About Pregnancy And Tanning Booths

Written by Sher Matsen

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Having a temperature above 102 degrees F during pregnancy has been associated with spinal malformations on developing babies. Your body temperature in a tanning bed always exceeds 102 degrees F. So why would you want to takerepparttar chance of causing a serious birth defect to your baby?

There are also concerns that lying on your back too long can restrict blood to your heart and thus to your baby. When this happens, youíll know because youíll become light headed. Restricting blood to your baby can have serious consequences.

Finally, pregnant woman with sensitive skin are more prone to chloasma. Chloasma are those dark skin splotches that appear onrepparttar 150987 face and arms during pregnancy. Perhaps not dangerous torepparttar 150988 baby but certainly not attractive and thatís what this tanning thing is all about right? Looking better.

Fromrepparttar 150989 moment you found out you were pregnant,repparttar 150990 health of your baby became your biggest concern. You stopped socially drink, if you were a smoker you quit smoking. You started eating healthier and exercising regularly. You started taking better care of yourself for both of you.

So why would you riskrepparttar 150991 unknown, just to have a tan. Yes I admit a tan does make you feel good about yourself. Thereís something about deeply tanned skin that makes one feel attractive. But you can get that beautiful tan right from a bottle or from a spray tan booth. The sunless tanning has been shown to have no bad effects to your baby. So you can haverepparttar 150992 best of both worlds.

You can have that wonderful glow that pregnancy brings to a woman and you can have that tan you so desire. Take good care of yourself and your baby!

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