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Whether you’re interested in movies or television shows, you’ll find an interesting answer torepparttar rental dilemma at From this site, you can browse through thousands of titles then downloadrepparttar 140577 program directly to your computer. The process, as touted onrepparttar 140578 website, isn’t complicated and is available even if you have a modem connection torepparttar 140579 Internet (though it will be slower than DSL or cable connections). There are downloads compatible with Mac and Linux.

To accessrepparttar 140580 site, you have to become a member. Membership has privileges other than access to downloads of movies and television shows. The site touts software that allows you to share MP3 files, games and even computer software. There are apparently several different programs available that will allow you to start sharing immediately, each with a rating and review to help you chooserepparttar 140581 one that’s right for you.

Members have unlimited downloads and one, two and lifetime memberships are available. Access torepparttar 140582 site is almost instant upon joining and instructions for downloading are sent to your e-mail address. The site also touts customer support and a user-friendly process that even those who consider themselves as less-than-proficient onrepparttar 140583 computer can master.

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Let’s Swing at Santa Catalina Islands Casino on Avalon Bay

Written by Carolyn Proctor

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Mural artist John Gabriel Beckman, already famous for his work at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood, was hired to design all ofrepparttar interior and exterior artwork. Beckman wanted his exterior images to be executed in tile. However, he ran out of time, so they were painted. A contemporary restoration ofrepparttar 140514 entrance saw his feature mural of Aphrodite rising fromrepparttar 140515 sea finally executed all in tile.

Wrigley’s budget forrepparttar 140516 design and construction ofrepparttar 140517 Casino was $600,000, but he ended up spending $2 million. He must surely have been committed to keeping Ada and her sisters happily dancing.

A theater was also designed forrepparttar 140518 lower level ofrepparttar 140519 casino. Its walls sport art deco murals of Greek goddesses and gods such as King Neptune and his son Triton, but also much of Southern California and island history. While waiting forrepparttar 140520 classic 1929 theater pipe organ to play, you could gaze at Portuguese explorer Juan Cabrillo, who discoveredrepparttar 140521 island in 1542. Or you could point out to your childrenrepparttar 140522 trees and animals native torepparttar 140523 island.

The Avalon Theater wasrepparttar 140524 first theater specifically designed forrepparttar 140525 new sound movies, “talkies". The domed ceilings of bothrepparttar 140526 theater andrepparttar 140527 ballroom make for perfect acoustics; no electronic amplification needed. A tour guide stands onrepparttar 140528 stage and speaks in a normal voice; we hear her perfectly inrepparttar 140529 last row. Behind her isrepparttar 140530 original fire curtain fromrepparttar 140531 1929 Casino opening. The title ofrepparttar 140532 mural onrepparttar 140533 fire curtain is “The Flight of Fancy Westward".

Avalon Casino and Museum Open 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. daily. Adults $14.50; Seniors $13.; Children $7.25 Museum alone Adults $4.00; Seniors $3; Children 6-15 $1.00.

We are treated to a viewing of a Buster Keaton silent short, “The Boat". A musician accompaniesrepparttar 140534 film onrepparttar 140535 organ, so that we can imagine what it must have been like inrepparttar 140536 1920s to see a silent movie in this beautiful theater. Today, Avalon Theatre is stillrepparttar 140537 only movie theater onrepparttar 140538 island; this week’s show w hile I was on island is “The Hitchhiker’s Guide torepparttar 140539 Galaxy".

2005 marksrepparttar 140540 75th y ear celebratingrepparttar 140541 Casino’s

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