Downline vs Upline

Written by John Old

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Downlines are people who are under you. A Downline is someone who you are responsible in helping become a success. You need to be there for your Downline. Keep you Downline happy they will help you make money. I will give you some ideas to help your Downline and making sure your Downline does not quit on you. Here are some ways to help,

1.Give them a small check, 2.Get them some business cards,And 3.Give them a complete background aboutrepparttar product.

Here are a few more ways to help your Downline,

1.Show them your successful sales techniques, 2.Give them some of your resources and contacts,and 3.Pass along your experience which isrepparttar 141031 best thing you can give your Downline.

You need to be a teacher and a friend. As a leader of a Downline you need to berepparttar 141032 following,,your Downline needs to trust you, 2.Coherence,You and your Downline needs to be onrepparttar 141033 same page, 3.Competence,You need to know what you are doing, 4.Collaboration,You and your Downline need to get together with all ideas, 5.Competition,Hold a contest to get your Downline motivated,and 6.Contribution,

As an upline you need to take an active approach and sit onrepparttar 141034 sidelines.

Inconclusion, I hope I shed a little light on what is like to be an upline or what you need to do as a Downline. Now you can choose to be whatever you want to be. I feel that it is more easy having an upline than having a Downline. With an upline only you will make money, but not as fast as you would with a Downline. You will make your upline money and your Downline will make money. Which ever way you choose you will be a success inrepparttar 141035 long run. You may choose to have someone as your upline and also atrepparttar 141036 same time you will have a Downline. I wish you allrepparttar 141037 best in what ever you choose.

Good luck.

John Old is editor of Downline Vs Upline Ė Focus on Downline Club, MLM Downline Leads, MLM Network Marketing and Downline Building :: Donít Buy Downline, Itís Free to Swap Downline at Guaranteed Downline Builder

It's Not Just All About Google Anymore

Written by Kirk Bannerman

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However,repparttar search landscape changed dramatically early in 2004 and things have been very fluid and interesting since that time. Its not that Google has stumbled, or become ineffective as a search vehicle, its just that major players like Yahoo and Microsoft (via MSN) have decided to make a major thrust intorepparttar 141030 search business.

Having been firmly conditioned (since shortly after 1998) that Google wasrepparttar 141031 "supreme deity of search engines", I tookrepparttar 141032 highly publicized search entries of Yahoo and MSN with more than repparttar 141033 proverbial "grain of salt".

Throughout a recent three month period, one of my websites occupiedrepparttar 141034 #5 position on Google, Yahoo, and MSN for a very popular and important (at least in my line of business) three word search term. This situation provided an opportunity to measurerepparttar 141035 current popularity of each of these three search providers.

If asked "beforerepparttar 141036 fact", I would have guessed that Google would still berepparttar 141037 overwhelming #1 search choice and that Yahoo and MSN would be distant #2 and #3 choices. Therefore, I was somewhat surprised byrepparttar 141038 results that were tabulated during this recent 90 day period.

Forrepparttar 141039 period in question,repparttar 141040 search popularity results were as follows:

Google: 33% Yahoo: 31% MSN: 23% All others: 13%

Granted,repparttar 141041 above results are for a single search term over a particular 90 day time period, butrepparttar 141042 results clearly show that Yahoo and MSN are already important players inrepparttar 141043 search business.

Kirk Bannerman operates his own successful home based business and also coaches others seeking to start their own home based business. For more information visit his website at Proven Work At Home Business

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